Posey behind the plate today, plus Saturday's lineups

March 16, 2012, 5:40 pm
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Buster Posey returns behind the plate for the Giants today against the Chicago Cubs at Ho Ho Kam Park in Mesa. Notice that the Giants middle infield has a major ex-Cub factor.

CF Blanco, LF Cabrera, 3B Sandoval, C Posey, 1B Huff, RF Schierholtz, SS Theriot, 2B Fontenot, P Surkamp.

Here are lineups for Saturday's day-night split-squad as well:

vs. Oakland A's at Scottsdale (1:05 p.m.): CF Pagan, DH F. Sanchez, LF Cabrera, 3B Pablo, 1B Huff, SS Theriot, RF Schierholtz, SS Crawford, C Eli. P Lincecum.

at Los Angeles Dodgers in Glendale (7:05 p.m.): CF Blanco, SS Burriss, LF Belt, 1B Pill, C H. Sanchez, 2B Arias, RF Christian, 3B Gillaspie, P Burres.

(You'll notice that Freddy Sanchez is starting at DH, not as the second baseman, as manager Bruce Bochy had hoped. Sanchez still needs to take full infield practice another time or two to prove he can make functional throws with his repaired right shoulder.)

The day game will be televised by CSN Bay Area. So you'll get to see most of the regulars, plus Timmy. The night game was added by MLB Network, and it'll be available in the Bay Area as well. So if your bracket is already busted, or you just get tired of hearing college bands playing the White Stripes, then fill your Saturday with Giants baseball!

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