Posey: 'I don't think I've been that excited to take live BP, ever'

February 26, 2012, 9:07 pm
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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. The first live batting practice is amuch-anticipated day in camp. Sergio Romo immediately figured out it was abigger deal than usual.Obviously, you know, said Romo, When the first hitter yousee is Buster Posey and hes getting a standing ovation.Posey got to compete against live pitching for the firsttime since May 25, when his left leg shattered in a home-plate collision. Sincethen, the gift of the game is being returned to him in small boxes. This onewas especially shiny.I dont think Ive been that excited to take live battingpractice ever, said Posey, his eyes joyfully wide.
Posey saw 15 pitches from Jeremy Affeldt and Romo, swung ateight and managed to get at least a piece each time. His last round againstRomo included an apparent ground-rule double (on a slider) and a crisp linedrive to left field (on a challenge fastball.)REWIND: Posey pumped to face live pitching
Romo has never been so glad to give up a couple of ringingknocks.Its very uplifting and exciting to have Buster out there,doing whats normal, Romo said. Because hes not normal. There are few guyslike him. But for him to say hes feeling normal is a huge lift for us.Romo said his competitive juices started to flow and he hadto remind himself to use the session to work on his pitches. But he also wantedto find something out about his cleanup-hitting catcher. So he grooved afastball on the last pitch.Like, 'Lets see how far he hits it, Romo said. I did it(two years ago) to (Juan) Uribe when he took me deep. Id venture to sayBuster is comfortable (facing) me. It doesnt offend me when they swing. Hey,take your hacks. I want you to be ready as much as I want to be ready.Posey tried to get ready by standing in during bullpensessions to track pitches. It was a different feeling to react in the box,though. Hes going through the same exercise as the rest of the hitters, excepthis layoff has been more than twice as long.Its all about getting your timing, Posey said. Itsseeing some pitches and working on backing up the ball as much as I can. Iguess I didnt really know what to expect, but I was happy with how I felt. Thats the first arm Ive seen sincelast May. Regardless of the result, the goal is to see the ball as well as youcan and get your timing. So whether you square it up or not, you feel on time.Giants manager Bruce Bochy said Poseys excitement levelwould be the same when he plays in his first game. Its never easy, but helooks comfortable and he feels good, and thats whats important.When will that first game be? Will Posey start theexhibition opener against Arizona next Sunday? Bochy said he wouldnt have ananswer for two or three more days.But I will say hes doing fine, Bochy said.Sundays workout also marked the first time this spring thatPosey caught on consecutive days. He received Matt Cain for the first BPsession on the main field, then joined the hitting group against Affeldt andRomo.BAGGARLY: Cain, Sandoval involved in scary moments during live BP
Posey said Cain looked really good. His ball was jumping.He threw fastballs and changeups, then curves. He looked great.As for Poseys reconstructed ankle, he said he hasnt dealtwith any setbacks thus far this spring. But he continues to take it day to daywith the training staff.In these past nine months Ive got it figured out where mythreshold can be, said Posey, who required two surgeries to repair three tornligaments. I know what that is after getting loose, and knowing when not topush it.

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