Posey to stay with hockey-style mask

Posey to stay with hockey-style mask
March 21, 2012, 11:00 pm
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GOODYEAR, Ariz. -- After experimenting with a traditional, two-piece catcher's mask for most of the winter, Buster Posey is going back to his old standby.

He wore a hockey-style helmet when he caught six innings on Tuesday and said Wednesday that he plans to stick with what he knows best.

"It's a feel thing more than anything," Posey told me, adding that his line of sight and peripheral vision were the same with both masks.

A few months ago, Giants manager Bruce Bochy applauded Posey's decision to experiment with the two-piece mask, saying he believed that it cushioned the impact of foul tips better than the newer styles because it sits more flush on the head. But Bochy backed Posey's decision on Wednesday.

"You've got to be comfortable back there," Bochy said. "All the studies show there's no real difference between them when it comes to absorbing tips. It's what he's accustomed to and that's so important back there. He's going with the mask he likes."

Posey is looking more and more comfortable in the batter's box, too. Serving as the designated hitter on Wednesday, he laced two singles and also hit a bases-loaded lineout to first base. He's letting the ball get deep on him -- a sign he is trusting himself.

"I've felt comfortable all spring, really," he said.

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