Sandoval responds: 'I'm happy for my fans'

July 3, 2012, 10:37 pm
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WASHINGTON Sandy Alderson mightnot be happy that Pablo Sandoval will start for the NL All-Star squad, but theGiants third baseman said he doesnt feel the least bit slighted by the MetsGMs controversial comments.

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The Kung Fu Panda was all smiles whenasked about Aldersons suggestion on Twitter that Sandoval only surged pastDavid Wright because he had a cuddly nickname.

Rather than lashing back, Sandovalreacted another way.

The fans, they make the decision, Sandoval said. Theresnothing to say. (Wright) is a great player and hes having a great season.

The fans made a push. Thats the most important thing. Thefans do it. Im happy for my fans. They support me every time.

Sandoval acknowledged he was surprised to make up a sizabledeficit in the final week of voting to pass Wright, who is hitting .354 and issecond in the NL with a 1.006 OPS. Sandoval is hitting .300 with an .832 OPSbut missed 40 games because of a fractured left hand.

Im not going to lie. Yes, especially when you miss amonth, said Sandoval, asked if the landslide result was unexpected.

Sandoval finished with 5.74 million votes, easily bestingWrights total of 4.13 million. Wright was named as a reserve.

Asked directly about Aldersons comments, Sandoval took the highroad.

Ive got nothing to say, Sandoval said. Im happy we madeit both. Were on the same team. I hope we both help the team win so we get(home field) for the World Series. Thats what I hope for, for me and myteammates. Its important. You can tell the last couple years for the NL.

In 2009, Sandoval had better numbers than Wright but theMets third baseman was elected to start the game. Sandoval was among the finalfive on the fan ballot to determine the last representative, but didnt makethe cut.

He said he voted for himself in that campaign. He hasntvoted for himself since.

No, no! he said, laughing. I did in 2009 and I didnt makeit. So I dont do that, and I made it."

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