'Encouraging' news on A's injured pitchers

July 21, 2012, 11:20 pm
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OAKLAND -- The A's might need to entertain the idea of going with a six-man rotation. Even then they might have some issues. They say you can never have too much good pitching -- the A's might soon have that "problem" though. On Saturday both Brandon McCarthy and Dallas Braden threw bullpen sessions. They were throwing under the watchful eyes of A's manager Bob Melvin, pitching coach Curt Young, trainer Nick Paparesta, and bullpen coach Rick Rodriguez. After the sessions the team deemed the results encouraging. Both Braden and McCarthy mixed in their full repertoire of pitches and they each threw over 40 pitches. There is no word what the next step will be for either pitcher but it is a positive sign for the A's nonetheless. "Both of them looked good and felt good afterward," Melvin said. Braden went first, warming up with long toss in the outfield. He threw as deep as 110 feet then headed for the bullpen mound. During his session Rodriguez stood in as if he was a batter. McCarthy started long toss as Braden's session winded down. He didn't make as many warm up throws in the outfield or throw from the distance Braden did. He then hit the bullpen mound and completed his session. And then there's this guy Pitching in a game for the first time in over a year today...weird Brett Anderson (@BrettAnderson49) July 21, 2012Brett Anderson will be starting for the Stockton Ports at Banner Island Ballpark in a 7:05 p.m. game. He will be throwing 45 pitchers or three innings -- whichever comes first. It will be his first start in a professional game since June 5, 2011. A's starting pitchers have an American League-best 3.71 ERA. As a result they don't need to rush the return of any of the starting pitchers on the mend. Anderson and McCarthy could factor into the A's rotation soon though. Braden is behind them slightly.

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