Ever wonder how an MLB dugout is prepared?

Getting an MLB dugout ready for a game

Ever wonder how an MLB dugout is prepared?
July 19, 2013, 9:00 am
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Major League dugouts are always stocked with plenty of gum, sunflower seeds and sports drinks. (USA TODAY IMAGES)

Consistency is key in Major League Baseball. It's a sport rife with superstition, certain failure, and obsessive routine. If any of the usual options afforded a pro baseball player are off, there can be hell to pay.

The guardians of the gear, the clubhouse attendants, are the ones responsible for maintaining the comforts of the clubhouse and dugout. They aren't often seen or heard. They aren't paid much except for tips in many cases. Yet, they can be some of the most important people around the team.

"Clubbies" sort the mail, run errands, help keep equipment sorted and clean, and carry most of the items needed for the game to and from the clubhouse. Here's a look at the preparation portion of their daily dugout ritual.