A's excited over McCarthy's progress

September 9, 2012, 12:06 am
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SEATTLE -- The reports on Brandon McCarthy continue to improve. McCarthy, 29, had to undergo a two hour surgery late Wednesday night to stabilize a skull fracture and ease the pressure from an epidural hemorrhage. Since the operation he hasn't needed to undergo another CT scan and he is showing signs of improvement. "With any head injury you need to be cautions," Oakland's head athletic trainer Nick Paparesta said. "The progress has been great and we're excited about it."
REWIND: McCarthy shows 'great progress' after brain trauma
Paparesta says McCarthy was sitting up through the majority of the morning, eating, and directly speaking to his wife Amanda, and was able to ask the doctor questions during his examination."He was seen by his neuro surgeon today. He progressed well throughout the evening and into today," Paparesta said. "They are looking to move him to a transitional care unit which is good news." The transitional care unit is in-between the intensive care unit and the more traditional hospital room. It is a very encouraging sign, but perhaps the most heartening development for many was when McCarthy took to Twitter late last night and this morning and displayed his usual wit. "I think that's great," Paparesta said. "As you can tell they are his thoughts and I think that's important and it's good for people to see that he's still got it all together."

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