A's Notes: Scoreboard watching, plus playoff scenarios

September 30, 2012, 7:29 pm
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OAKLAND -- Technically if everything breaks right the A's could clinch a postseason berth on Sunday. They need to win, and the Angels have to lose both games of their doubleheader against the Rangers, and the Rays need to lose to the White Sox. The A's don't seem too worried about the scenarios. In the clubhouse, they had on two different football games. The first game of the Angels vs. Rangers doubleheader wasn't on any of the TVs. They did admit to keeping an eye on that game, though. "We keep up with what the other teams are doing," Brandon Moss said. "But when the game starts nothing matters unless you win the game. We've got to win. If we don't go out and win we're not doing what we need to be doing."
There are four games left, and the A's are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yet, as the regular season winds down, the team still has no idea where they will be playing next week -- or if they will be playing. "Every time I feel like I can see it I have to take a step back," Sean Doolittle said. "You can't take any of this for granted. The other teams we are in the race with anything can happen."Ratto: If it looks too good to be true, it isn't A's baseball
A's manager Bob Melvin believes the uncertainty in how the American League will shake out is better for Oakland. It means they can't be distracted by focusing on one team in particular. As far as Melvin's focus, he keeps it day-to-day as we all know. While he worries about today, every day, the front office worries about the future.
"I think there's just too much going on with this," Melvin said. "Our front office has been very good about looking at future aspects and they know I like to keep it present. Between the two of us I think it is a pretty good dynamic.""It is so tempting to look ahead and try to map it out and figure out who is going to be where and all the scenarios," Doolittle said. "It'll play itself out. We just have to stay focused on today and the next three games." -- There's nothing new with Brett Anderson on Sunday. No news is good news. He is still expected to take the mound on Monday for a bullpen session. Once he throws on a mound, the A's will be able to get a better gauge on when -- or if -- he can make his return. -- Jordan Norberto has been throwing but he still hasn't gotten on a mound yet. He has been out since August 18, and is on the shelf for the second time this year with a left shoulder issue. He won't be able to come back as quickly as Anderson once he gets on a mound. "We haven't gotten him on a mound yet but when he gets back on a mound we'll have a better idea of timing with him," Melvin said. "But we are just not there yet."-- Coco Crisp has been on a tear since returning from the eye issues that kept him out of the lineup for nine games. He 7 for 10 with five runs, two doubles, and a home run since returning to the lineup. Melvin says it looks like Crisp didn't even miss a game. "As well as he's playing, I'll just stay away from him and write his name into the lineup," Melvin said. "If he winds up on the on deck circle to lead-off or in center field to start the game I am happy about that."If the A's were to clinch a spot on Sunday it will be hard to celebrate in style. Their game will be over long before the second game of the Angels vs. Rangers doubleheader begins. It is scheduled to start at 4:05 p.m. The Oakland players might be better served heading home and resting up for a tired Texas team that will be making its way here for the final three games of the season. Tiebreakers: OAK won season series vs. TB, 5-4
OAK won season series vs. BAL, 5-4
OAK won season series vs. LAA, 10-9
OAK tied with NYY, 5-5
If the Yankees and A's end up tied for the Wild Card, the tiebreaker is intradivision record. The A's have a .547 (29-24) winning percentage against the West, while the Yankees are at .544 (37-31) against the East. That would go down to the wire. (Potential one-game tiebreakers, if necessary would be scheduled for Thursday, October 4.)

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