Petaluma's LLWS walk-off leads to A's pregame pie

August 21, 2012, 1:29 am
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OAKLAND -- The A's got their 14th walk-off victory before Monday's game had even begun. As the A's clubhouse opened at 3:20 p.m. almost everyone was huddled around the television to watch the Petaluma National Little League team as they engaged in an extra-inning battle with Par Troy East Little League from Parsippany, New Jersey.
In the eighth inning of the game Danny Marzo smacked a walk-off home run, as he rounded the bases the A's who have an MLB-leading 13 walk-offs themselves went wild in celebration. You can't have a walk-off in Oakland without the customary pie, as Jonny Gomes leaped up onto the couch in celebration, Brandon Inge reached up and smacked him in the face with a pie. The clubhouse erupted in laughter.PETALUMA PIE!!!! twitter.comjoshreddick16 josh Reddick (@joshreddick16) August 20, 2012"That was probably the first ever pregame pie in the history of the game," Gomes said. "For these guys to rally around that little league team, Major Leaguers sitting around a T.V. watching 12-year-olds get after it it's pretty cool."Like a proud manager Gomes addressed the media shortly after the conclusion of Petaluma's 5-4 victory.
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"A win is a win, the kids are probably pretty stoked," Gomes said. "Hopefully we'll have another hometown kid coming up for the A's in a few years,"Earlier in the day Travis Blackley tweeted a picture of Gomes watching the game. At one point in the game broadcast they showed the picture Blackley took. That elicited the second biggest applause of the day.Gomes is definitely the number 1 fan of the Petaluma lads! twitter.comTravis_Blackle Travis Blackley (@Travis_Blackley) August 20, 2012"Nothing shocks me anymore much with social media everything is pretty much out there," Gomes said. "He took a picture of me, I didn't know he was going to tweet it or whatever, that was fine though."Petaluma next plays on Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. The A's will surely be following closely.

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