Reddick takes BP, has no doubt he's ready

Reddick swings freely during Thursday batting practice

Reddick takes BP, has no doubt he's ready
April 11, 2013, 6:45 pm
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Josh Reddick appears poised to return to the lineup, as evidenced by his Thursday batting practice session. (USA TODAY IMAGES)

ANAHEIM -- Josh Reddick says there's no doubt he will be able to return to the starting lineup on Friday against the Detroit Tigers. On Thursday, he took batting practice for the first time since spraining his right wrist. The A's right fielder took about 25 swings and even yelled "lineup change" at one point during his first five pitches.

"I was waiting to see if I felt anything on the outer part of the wrist where it was hyperextended because obviously the bruising is going to be sore, but I didn't feel anything out there," Reddick said.

Reddick is not in the starting lineup on Thursday, but could be used as a pinch hitter or defensive replacement. He says he will be doing some lobbying during the game to get on the field. Reddick started the negotiations this morning when he arrived to the ballpark, but his skipper couldn't be swayed.

"He was kind of lobbying today," A's manager Bob Melvin said. "He said 'I looked at the lineup, am I in the lineup?' I said, 'No, you're not. Unless you can't read, it says no Reddick.'"

The lobbying continued mid-batting practice session when at one point Reddick said, "Watch this Bob," to his manager and then hit a home run to right field.

"It felt great," Reddick said. "You could tell by the fans putting in their earplugs."

On Wednesday, Reddick showed signs of progress by picking up a bat for the first time and hitting off a tee. He took approximately 40 swings. He didn't experience any pain in the outer portion of his right wrist at that point either, which is the area he has been most concerned about.

The injury occurred when Reddick crashed into a wall in foul territory in Houston with an 8-0 A's lead. He put out his right hand to try and lessen the impact and his wrist bent back in the collision. After it happened, he laid on the ground for a while before walking off the field cradling his right arm. Even he was surprised the injury wasn't much worse.

"After I saw it I was shocked that nothing was broken or fractured," Reddick said before Wednesday's game. "I should have let the face hit first, the beard would have cushioned it."

It looks like Reddick might only miss three games and will avoid a trip to the disabled list. He is hitting .125 with one home run and four RBI this season, but led the A's with 32 homers and 85 RBI in 2012.

Reddick also took the time to explain this awkward moment.

"That blew up a little bit," Reddick said. "After the pinch hit by Jaso, I was doing some stuff upstairs and I came down and said 'Great job, nice managing.'"

"I didn't get the high five -- I got the fist bump into the high five," Reddick added.

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