GM Wilson dances around Nash rumors, supports goalies

February 22, 2012, 9:10 pm
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TORONTO Sharks general manager Doug Wilson met with the media in Toronto on Wednesday, touching on a number of topics related to the NHLs trade deadline on Monday, Feb. 27. That includes rumors that the Sharks are strong contender for Rick Nash, as was reported by the NHL Network on Tuesday night.

Below are some excerpts from Wilsons media availability.

On the Rick Nash rumors:

First of all, I didnt read that story, I havent gotten into my clips yet. We dont talk about other teams players, and any conversation I do have with a fellow GM would be kept in confidence. Historically, though, one of the most important things we do is make this be a place where players do want to play, and make it an attractive destination for players.

REPORT: Sharks 'strong contender' to land Nash

On if hes more likely to make a move due to the teams recent struggles:

For us, the trading deadline started last June or July. Weve added 10 players, were not playing up our capabilities right now, and sometimes thats a good thing. Youve got to dig down and find an answer to it.

Every game you play theres something on the line. Weve played some teams in the last week or so that are not playoff teams, but guys are fighting for jobs. Were playing teams fighting for playoff spots, and youre playing dominant teams. The motivation has to come from within. When were playing well and playing the way that our coaches want us to play, were a good team. When we dont, we cheat and were not.

On his concern level regarding the teams recent play:

We have a body of work. We know our players, and health updates are an important factor in any decisions we make. We added a player in Dominic Moore, and we have some young players that have played well recently. Well make decisions based on health. Were always looking for ways to make our team better, but weve done that since June.

On if he feels the Sharks goaltending needs an upgrade:

No. We like our goaltending. Our goaltending is fine. We expect everybody to play well, but whether it be your penalty killing, five-on-five, giving up scoring opportunities; everybody shares in that responsibility.