NHL owners propose 50-50 revenue split

October 16, 2012, 5:17 pm
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In an attempt to save a full 82-game season, the National Hockey League made another proposal to the players association on Tuesday in Toronto, as collective bargaining negotiations resumed.

According to several reports, the proposal is a 50-50 split of hockey-related revenue, up from the leagues initial offer of 43 percent but down from the 57 percent that the players received at the end of the previous CBA.

Commissioner Gary Bettman also revealed that the league is not asking for an immediate rollback in player salaries, something that has been a major point of contention since the sides began exchanging proposals in mid-September.

The regular season, which was supposed to start on Oct. 11, would now begin on Nov. 2, according to the leagues plan.

NHLPA head Donald Fehr told reporters that "its not a short offer and we need to read it and understand it. Then we'll get back with the NHL today or Wednesday."

(More coming)