49 tweets: Predicting WR stats

July 25, 2012, 4:11 pm
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Thanks to my friends on Twitter for supplying the questions Wednesday morning for 49 Tweets . . . 1. RT @TechknowCEO the best thing about the niners this year is there aren't a lot of questions. > Oh, yeah? Sit back and read . . . 2. RT @poolenium Do you see any chance Ginn doesn't make the final 53?> I can't see the 49ers leaving the return game in unproven hands. Ginn is proven.3. RT @NFLDraftPost How many WR do you think will be on the roster come september? cheers from iceland :) > Six, with four active on game days.4. RT @angelakalalo at what week does randy moss quit on the team? > All is positive now. But, yes, everybody will be tested when adversity hits.5. RT @joemets63 who do you think the Giants should pick up at trade deadline? > Hey, that's baseball! Giants don't have anything to give up, do they?
6. RT @Matteooo49 will play clock be an issue for 49ers offense again or they moving more urgently from huddle? > A lot of times, they want late snap to read defense as long as possible.
7. RT @D1BADZ How many current 49ers RBs do you expect to remain on the team? > Six with Rock Cartwright being used exclusively on special teams.8. RT @BrandnIrwin How many backs with the 49ers carry and who will they be? > Gore, Miller, Hunter, James, Jacobs, Cartwright.9. RT @mrdearden How prominent a role will LMJ play in the offense this year? > They have to find a way to get the ball in his hands. How much? TBA.10. RT @MattHealey which of the RBs is the most vulnerable? > Anthony Dixon was the seldom-used No. 3 last year, so that tells you right there.11. RT @realbigsexxxy how does Brandon Jacobs fit into the Niners plans along with Kendall Hunter and James? > As short-yardagegoal-line option.12. RT @hps1947 what player will get the most carries after Gore? > I still think Kendall Hunter is their second best all-around RB.13. RT @paulkapellas How would you project the RB depth chart? > I think it will change from week-to-week, depending on opponent and game plan.14. RT @cbush927 More likely to be cut. Brandon Jacobs or Kyle Williams. Are both locks now? > Neither is a lock. There's no tomorrow for Jacobs.15. RT @hollowayskip Bigger risk of losing a spot Kyle Williams or Anthony Dixon? > Dixon.16. RT @SigmundBloom how long is leash on alex smith? > Pretty long unless one of the others closes the gap. He's very clearly the No. 1 right now.17. RT @abchaos does any 9er backup qb Hv any chance to start over Alex this season > At the beginning of the season? Barring injury? No.18. RT @torrey37 Who is backup swing Tackle if Boone goes down (assuming he is back up T now)? > At this point, 2011 draft pick Mike Person.19. RT @Tomcantdoit Matt which rookie offensive lineman do you see having a stellar year? > I don't see a rookie offensive lineman getting on the field.20. RT How does Alex Boone look at RG? > His play in non-contact offseason program was fine. His first practice of camp is Friday. Pads go on Sunday.21. RT @aliman92 What's the update on the RG competition? > Not sure there will be a competition. It's Alex Boone's spot right now.22. RT @Mjw2884 with Ginn coming into camp in good shape do you think 49ers could feature more 4 receiver sets? > No. Vernon Davis and a RB will always be on field.23. RT @torrey37 Who is your surprise cut? > I can't tell you that because then it wouldn't be a surprise.24. RT @Laker_Los What are the chances of Dashon Goldson reporting this week? > I place it as less than 50 percent.25. RT @thirddarchie chances Dashon signs? > 100 percent. The only question is when he'll put pen to paper.26. RT @9nerz so when do u think D. Goldson will sign? > This is just a guess. Nobody has told me or the 49ers anything. I think he misses two exhibition games.27. RT @abchaos do u think Niners will pass early to set up run. Will there be more of a down field approach with all the spd? > I don't see philosophy changing.28. RT @marlnHrnndez_24 new firepower on offense, won't that affect the way the defense handles their business if the O is scoring more? > It would give them more wiggle room.29. RT @swenaven_james predict score of week 1 game at GB?> So soon? Right now, I'd go with 27-17, home team.30. RT @jaynovel chances @RealNaPalm makes the final roster? > Undrafted free agent is a long shot, but has strong chance to stick on practice squad.31. RT @breddog7 Who has bigger role this year: La Michael James or AJ Jenkins? > James. I can't see how Jenkins cracks into top-3 WRs32. RT @terrywoo Jenkins sounds like a disaster of a pick. > Really? You haven't even seen him yet. Maybe in two years you can make that judgment.33. RT @rkg115 does aj jenkins remind you of kentwan balmer in demeanor? > Not at all. I think Jenkins' attitude is reason he'll probably be pretty good.34. RT @StraightG408 Chances Owusu can clear waivers and make practice squad? > Of course. He went undrafted. Most teams didn't have him on their boards.35. RT @ThatsWutDsaid Is there really a battle between Tarrell Brown & Chris Culliver 4 starting CB spot? > If Culliver is better in camp, he can take spot. But Brown's pretty solid.36. RT @nutwaffle Aldon's status? > He should be ready to report on Thursday and begin practice.37. RT @jason1566 What are the 49ers doing to help Aldon Smith? > I'm sure they've spoken to him about off-the-field stuff. On field, he'll have Justin Smith lining up next to him.38. RT @chriscream How many series can we expect to see from the revamp offense in first two preseason game? > Depending on the length of the drives, probably 8 to 10.39. RT @foundationvip Any update on prospects Ian Williams & Demarcus Dobbs? > They report Thursday. Dobbs looks good. Williams has work to win job.40. RT @uprise49 any chance all four QBs will make roster or will there be cuts? > No, but Scott Tolzien does have practice-squad eligibility.41. RT @912mal which player(s) do u see making best leap in production from last season? > Tarell Brown, Mike Iupati and Anthony Davis.42. RT @GWSigg If Niners keep 6 WRs, which other position group will see the hit? > D-line, safety and one fewer ILB.43. RT @Michael21076752 What do you make of the 4:1 chances Vegas oddsmakers are giving 49ers to win super bowl? > They were my pick a while back.44. RT @SAMFINAU Is it possible 49ers had fluke season with Alex or am I thinking that cause I'm a Seahawks fan? > Five interceptions? Probably a fluke. But there are other areas in which they can improve.45. RT @markegan Harbaugh used motion at the line as a wrinkle last year. What will be this year's wrinkle? > Functional offense on third downs and in red zone.46. RT @adamring Who will lead niners in receptions this year? > Same guy as last season: Michael Crabtree. With Vernon Davis right there, too.47. RT @jtmoney67 can Crabtree catch 100 this year? > It's still going to be a run-based offense, so I wouldn't expect a number that high.48. RT @joshua_herndon What's your prediction for the WR stats? > Crabtree 81-957-7; Moss 51-618-7; Manningham 44-526-4.49. RT @jj49ersrule when is the first episode of 49ers central? > I don't know, but we have 49ers programming on CSN Bay Area every night, including Chronicle Live on Wednesday (5 p.m.).

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