49ers clear out suspended Jacobs' locker

Harbaugh on Jacobs: 'Our actions can speak for themselves'

49ers clear out suspended Jacobs' locker
December 12, 2012, 1:00 pm
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Brandon Jacobs has seven rushes for five yards with the 49ers. (USA TODAY IMAGES)

SANTA CLARA -- Suspended running back Brandon Jacobs no longer has a spot in the 49ers' locker room.

Freshly-signed outside linebacker Eric Bakhtiari on Wednesday moved into the cubicle that Jacobs previously occupied.

Coach Jim Harbaugh tried his best to refrain from answering questions about the 49ers' decision to suspend Jacobs for the final three games of the regular season without pay. Jacobs had posted a series of complaints about the 49ers on social media sites.

When asked if Jacobs' suspension fell under the category of "conduct detrimental to the team," Harbaugh answered, "Uh, yes . . . well, let me stay away from categorizing it."

On Tuesday, 49ers defensive lineman Ray McDonald said the coaching staff felt Jacobs had become a distraction.

"From the coaching standpoint, they don't want any distractions on the team. He was being a distraction, they felt he was being a distraction, so they felt they needed to do something about it," McDonald said.

"I guess, if he's not about the team. And the coaches feel that he's not trying to help the team. They made the right decision."

Harbaugh did not go into detail about the reasoning behind the suspension.

"The league has a process when you suspend a player that there's a process that you go through," Harbaugh said. "So you're really not in a position to be talking about that."

Jacobs, whose suspension would cost him $167,000 in lost wages, is expected to file a grievance with the NFL.