49ers look to sign, re-sign players at the right price

January 31, 2012, 11:40 pm
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The 49ers have exclusive negotiating rights for another six weeks with each of their players who do not have contracts for next season.On March 13 at 1 p.m., free agency is scheduled to begin. That's when teams can begin signing free agents who ended the season with other clubs.
Q: Are 49ers aggressively trying to re-sign own free agents or they taking their time to see who's available in market and draft? (@rgarcia78)
The 49ers offered contract extensions to several of their players during the season. Tackle Alex Boone was the only player who accepted the deal. Talks continue with many of the team's other scheduled free agents.Typically, chief negotiator Paraag Marathe makes the trip to Indianapolis for the NFL scouting combine and meets with many of the agents who represent 49ers players.The 49ers have a value in mind for all of their players. And when free agency begins, general manager Trent Baalke and Marathe will have assigned a value to all of the free agents throughout the NFL.So the oft-asked question -- will the 49ers sign (fill in the blank)? -- is an impossible question to answer.Let's say -- and we're just making up these numbers -- that the 49ers believe cornerback Carlos Rogers' value to the 49ers is 5.5 million a year. But Rogers and his agent are looking for a deal closer to 7 million annually. Then, the ability for the 49ers to re-sign Rogers comes down how much other NFL teams are willing to pay Rogers.Do the 49ers want to re-sign Rogers?Yes, at the right price.Do the 49ers want to re-sign quarterback Alex Smith?Yes, at the right price.Do the 49ers want to re-sign safety Dashon Goldson?Yes, at the right price.And the same can be said for any of the free-agent wide receivers who could be on the free-agent market.RELATED: 49ers' free-agent options at wide receivers
It all depends on the price.

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