49ers Mailbag: Will Goldson's be a 49er beyond 2012?

July 17, 2012, 8:43 pm
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Q: What details stopped Dashon and the Niners from a contract? (@tylermfarr)
Simply, the 49ers' idea of Dashon Goldson's long-term worth is different than Goldson's idea.A league source told me in early-June that the 49ers were willing to go as high as 7 million annually with 14 million guaranteed to sign Goldson. On June 19, safety Michael Griffin's contract with the Tennessee Titans came in right around those numbers.Goldson stated on Twitter that same day the 49ers had yet to formally offer him a contract. Goldson wanted something closer to Eric Weddle's 8 million average with the San Diego Chargers.A contract averaging 7 million a year seems fair for both sides. But they were never able to get it done.REWIND: Deadline passes with no multi-year deal for Goldson
The 49ers typically set a number and they do not come off that number for anyone. Remember, before free-agency, they proposed a three-year deal to Alex Smith that averaged 8 million a year but that could max out at 11 million.That deal eventually ranked Smith in a tie for 18th among all quarterbacks. Even after the whole non-pursuit of Peyton Manning, the 49ers did not change the overall package to Smith. But they did guarantee 1 million in the second year of the deal.So the 49ers have proved they are not going to go above market value for anyone. Goldson found that out -- once again.
Q: So are we losing him after the season or before it starts? (@doyishLamb)
Goldson will play for the 49ers in 2012. He has no other viable option.But at the end of this season, the 49ers have to make a decision. They could franchise him again at a price tag of 120 percent of his 2012 salary. That would mean a one-year deal worth 7.45 million. Then, this whole scenario would play through again.Nose tackle Isaac Sopoaga could also be a franchise candidate. Or the 49ers might choose not to use the tag at all next year.If the 49ers do not tag Goldson, he would be an unrestricted free agent. He would be free to negotiate a deal on the open market with any team. Last year, he did not have any luck in free agency and returned to the 49ers on a one-year, 2 million contract.How C.J. Spillman fares this season as the 49ers' No. 3 safety could go a long way toward determining what the organization will do next year.
CSN Bay Area's Mindi Bach asked Goldson on Monday when he expected to sign his one-year tender with the 49ers. His answer, "No comment."So there's no word right now if Goldson plans to sign the deal and report to training camp on time. Declining to sign the tender would serve no purpose, as far as leverage, because Goldson can't negotiate with the 49ers or any other team. He can only sign the one-year deal with the 49ers.