49ers-Rams all-time series tied (but not really)

November 11, 2012, 5:14 pm
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In the middle of every week, the NFL sends out to the media a capsule for each of the upcoming games.Among the facts listed is "Series leader" for each of the head-to-head matchups. The NFL lists the 49ers-Rams series tied at 61-61-2. The Rams go with the same figure in their weekly press release.However, in the 49ers' weekly publication, they report the series history with the Rams a little differently. The 49ers say they are leading the series 62-61-2.Where's the inconsistency?The NFL and the Rams count only the regular-season matchups. The 49ers' series record includes the playoff game on January 14, 1990, when the 49ers defeated the Los Angeles Rams 30-3 at Candlestick Park in the NFC Championship game.RELATED: 49ers-Rams key matchups: Rogers-Amendola Davis-Long Gore-Laurinaitis
The 49ers earned a trip to Super Bowl XXIV with that victory over the Rams, and two weeks later, they destroyed the Denver Broncos 55-10 to win the organization's fourth title.So I'm going to side with the 49ers on this one. After all, when it comes to reporting the overall record, it makes absolutely no sense to disregard the most important game the teams ever played.There is no disputing one fact, however. Since the Rams moved to St. Louis in 1995, the 49ers have won 21 of the 34 meetings.