49ers' Roman sees Penn State as a 'lifetime job'

January 3, 2012, 9:15 pm
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Offensive coordinator Greg Roman, a finalist for the Penn State coaching job, said Tuesday his focus is completely on the 49ers' first playoff game.

"I've spoken with Penn State, had some discussions with them about a month ago and found everybody involved on their end to be extremely intelligent, extremely focused on finding the best person they could under the unique circumstances there at Penn State," Roman told 97.3 ESPN radio in South Jersey.

The 49ers open the playoffs Saturday, Jan. 14, in the divisional round of the NFC playoffs at Candlestick Park. Roman said he is studying possible opponents New Orleans and Atlanta. The 49ers have a better understanding of the New York Giants after facing them on Nov. 13.

"My focus is 100 percent on winning the next game for the 49ers," Roman said. "You got to win to stay alive now, and we have to be at our best."

Roman, a native of Ventnor, N.J., said the Penn State job is the kind of position that would be a job in which he could retire. Former coach Joe Paterno spent 46 seasons as head coach before getting fired over the handling of child sex abuse allegations against former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky.

"I've coached in college at Stanford and in the pros for 14 years in the NFL, so it's more about the individual opportunity, the people you're surrounding yourself with," Roman said. "And a job like Penn State is a lifetime job. That's a job if I were to become the head coach there, I'd wouldn't leave there. I'd be back East, setting up camp, I'd be at the (Jersey) Shore in the summer. And that would be my routine.

"That's a very unique opportunity at Penn State, so that's something I'd definitely consider strongly. But I love where I'm at right now. I love the (49ers) organization here. I love how it's structured. I love how we interact. I love how we solve problems.

"Is it perfect? No. It never is. But we're trying to make it that, and in that pursuit of perfection you'll find excellence. Really, the lack of egos here and the commitment toward the common and greater goal of winning . . . I just feel like when you do a really good job and you're committed to doing the right thing, great things will happen. That's where I'm at."