Cap not an issue in fitting Manning onto 49ers

March 16, 2012, 11:56 pm
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In October, the 49ers renegotiated linebacker Patrick Willis' contract in a move that saw his cap figure for 2012 jump about 10 million.The 49ers had a lot of cap space, so they figured they might as well take the hit of Willis' deal in a year in which they knew they could handle it.Now, the 49ers find themselves with the least amount of cap room of any of the three reported finalists for quarterback Peyton Manning's services. The starting point in contract talks is along the lines of what he signed with the Indianapolis Colts on July 31.Five years. Ninety-million dollars.REPORT: Harbaugh workout out manningThe 49ers have approximately 18 million in cap room. The Denver Broncos, long considered the front-runner to land Manning, have 43.9 million in space. The Tennessee Titans are 26.3 million under the cap.RELATED: Smith no longer controls own fate with 49ers
But still, cap space should not be an issue for the 49ers. Manning counted 16 million against the Colts' cap in the first year of his last deal. The 49ers can easily structure a deal that fits with a low 2012 base salary and bonuses that spread out the cap hit over the life of a five-year contract.So the 49ers should have no problem giving Manning the money he wants while leaving enough room for the team to cross off the rest of their offseason shopping list.