Concussion behind, Smith says he's ready

September 22, 2011, 9:10 pm
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Quarterback Alex Smith said Thursday that he felt good enough Sunday to continue to play. After the game, though, he got checked out and was diagnosed with a concussion."(I've) played through hits and stuff a lot," Smith said. "Now I think the term 'concussion' covers a lot of area. It was enough that after the game I went in and got checked. During the game, I didn't, you know, felt like I was good enough to play."
After the 49ers' medical staff diagnosed the concussion Sunday night, Smith said he went through a battery of tests Monday and Tuesday, which included a trip to Stanford."All those three days there are quite a few steps you have to do in order to get cleared to go out and practice," he said.Smith said he was symptom-free when he awakened Monday morning."Feel great," Smith said. "Went through all the protocol that the league requires and doctors require. Everything looks great. Ready to play."You play this game long enough, it's something you deal with. Hitting is a part of it. Dealt with it in college."Smith was sacked six times in the game and was knocked to the ground 11 times total. He said he knew the hit on which he sustained the concussion but did not wish to reveal the details. Upon re-watching the game, determined Smith was injured in the second quarter.

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