Crabtree: 'We have our own style'

September 4, 2012, 9:14 pm
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SANTA CLARA -- There are no secrets with the Green Bay Packers' offense. Behind league MVP Aaron Rodgers, the Packers are going to throw the ball around.Meanwhile, the 49ers strive for a balanced approach."I feel like we have our own style," 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree said Tuesday. "Those guys (the Packers) are a spread offense. That's all they do is throw the ball. They got some run game, but that's their offense. We're really not like that. It's focusing on being us, and going out there and making plays."When asked to describe the 49ers' offense, Crabtree answered, "I wish I could describe it to you, but that would be hard."What makes it difficult is that even Crabtree probably does not know exactly what the 49ers plan for the regular season.The 49ers have more possibilities in the passing game with the additions of starting wideout Randy Moss and No. 3 receiver Mario Manningham. The 49ers gave very few glimpses in the exhibition season of how they plan to utilize their offensive players."The sky's the limit," Crabtree said. "We got everything we need. It just depends on us going out on Sunday and putting it together, making plays, making things happen. That's when it counts. We're looking good at practice. Been practicing real hard, running real hard. We just need to carry it over to Sunday."Crabtree led the 49ers last season with 72 receptions for 874 yards last season. He played the first three exhibition games of his NFL career this summer before he was one of 15 starters to be held out of the exhibition finale.Crabtree said he is running a lot and is stronger than ever, thanks to an intense weight program designed by 49ers strength and conditioning coach Mark Uyeyama. It will not only help Crabtree as a blocker but also break more tackles, he said.
And he said he has already felt the benefits of being surrounded by one of the all-time great pass-catchers in NFL history."Man, I learn so much from him," Crabtree said of Moss. "That's my dude. (He makes) me feel like I can be myself. Seeing an old guy like that, and he's been himself for so long that you . . . I'm going to be myself and go out and play. You can learn from a guy like that. You don't have to change for nobody. All you have to do is be yourself and go play your game."On the field, it remains to be seen if Moss' presence will draw coverage away from Crabtree.
"I don't really know," Crabtree said. "We haven't played a game, yet, so I'd be crazy to tell you how it's changed. I'm looking forward to going out there."Everything should come into focus soon enough. The 49ers open Sunday at Lambeau Field against the Packers, who finished the regular season with a 15-1 record but lost their playoff opener against the New York Giants."They won the Super Bow two years ago," Crabtree said. "You know they're a winning team. So we'll just try to match that."Crabtree's fifth NFL game was at Lambeau, where he caught four passes for 77 yards and a touchdown. The next season, 2010, he had three receptions for 45 yards at Green Bay."It's legendary. It's a good feel," Crabtree said of Lambeau. "It makes me feel like I'm in high school. It's got that good stadium, the bleachers, no seats. That's the old-fashioned style. You don't see that these days."

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