Davis' actions speak loudly

September 25, 2011, 10:02 pm
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CINCINNATI -- Tight end Vernon Davis did not get his wish. After all, not all of the 49ers' playmakers were involved Sunday in the 49ers' 13-8 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.But the 49ers' top playmaker -- one Vernon Davis -- had a huge game.Davis caught eight passes for 114 yards after voicing his displeasure to coach Jim Harbaugh after he was held to just two catches against the Dallas Cowboys seven days earlier.Davis told Harbaugh he thought the coaching staff needed to find a way to get everybody involved. Davis said he was not speaking exclusively about himself."All the guys we have can make plays," Davis said. "Not just me -- everybody. If I said, 'Me,' that would be selfish. And I'm not a selfish person. But whoever it is. I just play my role. I do whatever I'm asked to do."One of Davis' biggest plays was a pass in which quarterback Alex Smith rolled right and threw back to the left side for Davis on a third-and-2 situation. When asked if he was surprised he was that wide open, Davis answered, "It's supposed to work out like that."In fact, the play was in the works for three weeks, coach Jim Harbaugh said. The team waited until the first opportunity to unveil it. The play went for 20 yards. Two plays later, Kendall Hunter scored on a 7-yard touchdown run.