Davis held without a catch, but still smiling

October 19, 2012, 9:42 pm
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SANTA CLARA -- The 49ers' most-proven threat in the passing game did not touch the ball Thursday night.Moreover, 49ers quarterback Alex Smith did not even attempt a pass toward tight end Vernon Davis in the 49ers' 13-6 victory over the Seattle Seahawks."He's a big weapon for us," Smith said of Davis. "I feel very comfortable throwing the ball to him. We've had a lot of success. He's had a lot of success and teams are conscious of it."They (Seattle) were not going to give up the big plays. Yeah, they load the box, but you turn it (the game film) on and they were sprinting out of there and determined not to let us make a big play outside. And not let Vernon make a big play. The big plays were, you saw it, check the ball down. Those were the plays."In retrospect, Smith said he wishes there had been a more concerted effort to get the ball into Davis' hands. Davis had not been held without a catch in a game since the 2008 season."For sure, he's that type of player, no question," Smith said. "And I think the coaches and myself included look back, 'Let's do things differently,' because he is that type of player."49ers Mailbag: Smith makes it too easy for defenses
Davis is the 49ers' third-leading receiver with 23 catches for 340 yards and four touchdowns in seven games. The New York Giants held him to three catches for 37 yards on Sunday."The last past two or three games, they've been taking away a lot of my explosive routes up the red line, close to the sideline, my corner routes," Davis said. "They've been dropping the cornerback so I can't take that angle. They're bringing a safety and dropping him outside so I can't run up the red line. Those things. They're just looking for me."It's kind of frustrating, but I leave that up to the offensive (coaches). They know how to get guys involved. I'm sure it's something they'll be working on."It's not as if there were not plays designed to get the ball to Davis. One such play happened on the 49ers' first drive of the third quarter. Davis was the primary receiver on a pass that ended up going underneath to tight end Delanie Walker."I was supposed to come off Randy (Moss) and the ball was supposed to be there," Davis said. "Delanie popped wide open and I saw him out of the corner of my eye. (I) turned around, got the block and Delanie scored."Davis made a key block near the end zone on Walker's 12-yard touchdown pass from Smith for the only touchdown of the game.The 49ers had a difficult time generating much from the passing game on Thursday.
Wide receiver Mario Manningham was declared inactive with a shoulder injury. He sustained the injury early in Sunday's game against the Giants, his former team, and said he declined to come out of the game.Manningham felt discomfort while warming up before the game and did not suit up. He said he expects he'll be fine for the 49ers' next game, Monday, Oct. 29, against the Arizona Cardinals.The 49ers did not get much production from their wide receivers or tight ends. Michael Crabtree caught four passes for 31 yards. Running back Frank Gore was the leading receiver with five receptions for 51 yards."I want to win," Smith said. "That's ahead of everybody's feelings. It's the nature. There's one ball. Everybody wants to be involved. My hats off, especially to Vernon. I didn't hear one peep out of him and he blocked well all game. I think he was happy with the win. He could care less about anything else. Those are the types of guys we want."As the 49ers left for the weekend, Davis said it's easier to get away after tasting a victory."For me, I'm excited we won. As long as we win, I know that the more we win, the stage is going to get bigger, playoffs and stuff like that," Davis said."Of course, it's in my competitive nature to feel a little something as far as not getting the ball because I'm competitive, but I don't let that affect me or affect the team. . . If we win, I'll walk around here all day with a smile on my face."