Deadline nears for Goldson, 49ers to reach new deal

July 16, 2012, 3:31 pm
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If the 49ers and Pro Bowl safety Dashon Goldson do not arrive at an agreement on a multi-year contract by 1 p.m. today, he must play for the 49ers this season on a one-year deal.Then, it would become a matter of when he signs his one-year, 6.212 million franchise tender. One would think he would not miss much -- if any -- training camp.REWIND: Will Goldson, 49ers come to terms?
After all, the 49ers open the regular season at the Green Bay Packers, and Goldson better be ready to face Aaron Rodgers or his drive for a long-term contract next year will get off to a bad start.If no deal is struck by today's deadline, Goldson will still make more in salary this season than he made during his first five NFL seasons combined. But he would not be eligible to sign a long-term deal with the 49ers until after the final regular-season game.Goldson would be scheduled for free agency for the third consecutive year. But the 49ers could also slap the franchise tag on him next year at a one-year price of 120 percent of his 2012 salary -- or 7.45 million. (The team's other most-likely franchise candidate is nose tackle Isaac Sopoaga.)
There are plenty of templates in place for the 49ers and Goldson to strike a multi-year agreement. Recently, two franchise players signed new multi-year deals. Michael Griffin signed a five-year, 35 million deal with the Tennessee Titans, while the Raiders and Tyvon Branch reportedly agreed to a four year, 26.6 million deal.

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