Exclusive: 1-on-1 with Raiders coach Jackson

January 26, 2011, 3:55 am
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Jan. 25, 2011MAIOCCO ARCHIVEMatt Maiocco

MOBILE, Ala. -- New Raiders coach Hue Jackson was among the many coaches and front-office personnel evaluating talent at the Senior Bowl. The following is a transcript of his interview:

Maiocco: So what are your duties here, what are you trying to accomplish at the Senior Bowl?

Jackson: Obviously, to come out and evaluate the talent that's here. There's a lot of good players here, there's a huge game on Sunday and it's a chance for me to get with our staff, see our scouts for the first time, and just get a feel for each other and how we evaluate talent.

Maiocco: So working together as a staff, is that part of the week as well?

Jackson: Oh definitely. There's no question. I mean, we're all here together, we stay in the same hotel, we get to see each other, bounce ideas off each other, so it's a good time.

Maiocco: Now are you also conducting interviews to fill staff positions?

Jackson: Oh there's no question. There's a lot of guts running around, you know, that we'll get a chance to talk to, several different people about job opportunities, but we're doing our due diligence, every day, getting close to getting a staff together. I think we'll have something in place soon.

Maiocco: You have an offensive coordinator now, Al Saunders..

Jackson: Uh-huh, sure do..

Maiocco: Tell me about him...the reason the hire was made

Jackson: Ah he's great, he's a guy who's been in the league a long time, we've worked together in Baltimore, I have a great relationship with him, and he shares the same vision that I do on offense.
Maiocco: And what is your plan for defensive coordinator?Jackson: Oh, we're working on that as we speak.
Maiocco: Have you been interviewing candidates for that?

Jackson: We're getting there, we're getting close to there. Just know this, we're going to have a very good defensive coordinator for our team.

Maiocco: Now, no first round pick this year. Does this change the way you approach this, watching these practices?

Jackson: No, no, I mean obviously we don't have it at this time, but you know all these things can change. I think the most important thing we do is come out here and evaluate the talent that's here, make sure we have the proper evaluation for the players that's here, and obviously this process is ongoing, and we'll just continue to find the Raider-type player.

Maiocco: And what is the Raider-type player for you?

Jackson: A player that's a winner, who's very passionate about football, who understands the commitment to excellence, the vision that we have at the Raiders and who loves to win.

Maiocco: Now obviously during the season, you're not able to scout a lot of college players. When did the scouting process really begin for you, did you do a lot of homework before coming here?

Jackson: Oh yeah. Obviously you want to know the players that are here, so you have an opportunity to look at them, not only a name with a face so I absolutely understand who they are, but then you get to see what their talent is, and what they're trying to accomplish out here.

Maiocco: And what can you see out here that you can't see on film?

Jackson: Obviously you get the same in person that you do on the field, obviously that's film, it's tape. But here you get to see them live in person, you get the chance to interact with them, personally, so I think that's obviously very different from watching them on video.

Maiocco: Thank you very much.Jackson: Thank you.