Georgia Tech WR Hill provides peak performance

February 26, 2012, 3:34 pm
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INDIANAPOLIS -- Stephen Hill did not get a whole lot of opportunities to showcase his skills as a wide receiver in Georgia Tech's triple-option offense.But when he got his chances, Hill came through in a big way. He caught only 28 passes in 13 games last season but his average-per-catch was a whopping 29.3 yards. That's some serious production."It really wasn't as frustrating," Hill said. "Yes, you're a wide receiver and you want to get the ball. But any time you're helping out a team because I'm a winner and I like to win. Any time you want to help outa team that's a good thing.
"It helped me a lot for the coaches to see on film that I can block because they're looking for receivers that can block also."Hill stole the show Sunday morning at the NFL scouting combine with unofficial clockings of 4.30 and 4.31 seconds in the 40-yard dash. And that's coming from a player who measured 6-foot-4, 215 pounds.Hill said it was not a difficult decision to forego his final year of eligibility to turn pro after his junior season. Now, he's on to the NFL where his skills as a receiver will not be hidden."I felt like I have a great ability to play on this next level," Hill said. "No, I didn't have the stats like the other wide receivers did but my ability and my faith I know I can do well in the NFL."Hill is raw as a route-runner. He is trying to refine his skills through the help of former NFL receiver Terance Mathis, the offensive coordinator at Savannah State.When asked what part of his game needs the most improvement, Hill said, "Coming out of my routes better, curls and comebacks and things of that nature. I'm working on that with Terance Mathis and I hope to get better at that."

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