Harbaugh, Carroll continue dialogue on play of Seattle DBs

October 22, 2012, 8:26 pm
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SANTA CLARA -- Seahawks coach Pete Carroll did not issue a statement criticizing 49ers Jim Harbaugh. Instead, he made a point to chide Harbaugh during a Monday appearance on a Seattle radio station."Wasn't it just a couple weeks ago when they were talking about not doing things like that?" Carroll said on ESPN 710 in Seattle. "The Giants, Kevin Gilbride, or something like that?You know, I thought there was something about that, you know? Where we don't go out and express our concerns and all."Gilbride said 49ers defensive tackle Justin Smith holds offensive linemen to open the way for his teammates to make tackles. Gilbride said Smith "gets away with murder."Harbaugh issued a statement, calling Gilbride's assertion "outrageous" and "irrational."REWIND: Harbaugh reacts strongly to Gilbride's comments
On Friday, Harbaugh said he was looking for clarity from the NFL about the rough play of the Seahawks cornerbacks. The 49ers thought that there was a lot of contact with 49ers receivers Thursday night that can outside the legal 5-yard zone."I think it's just important thing to address," Harbaugh said. "What is this all being defined as? Is it physical play within the rules? That's the biggest question. Is it within the rules what's happening. We have to ask that question. We have to know what the interpretation is."On Monday, after Carroll's retort, Harbaugh was asked if his comments were similar to those Gilbride made a couple weeks earlier."No, I don't think so," Harbaugh said. "Any time you ask me about officiating from a game, a previous game, an upcoming game, there's a way we've been instructed to handle that, and that's to not criticize officiating and to address any concerns, and also anything you want clarification of or interpretation with the officials in New York."Carroll said it was a typical game for the Seahawks defensive backs, as far as the amount of physical contact, and the 49ers apparently could not handle it."I'm surprised he felt like the receivers were so overwhelmed," Carroll said. "I thought our guys did a good job. There's always gonna be some calls that you can look at. But our guys played good, solid, hard football. And, you know, Vernon Davis didn't get the ball and their receivers didn't do much, Randy (Moss) got one. I'm sure there's a little frustration on their part."Said Harbaugh, "We're from the sticks-and-stones approach. Calling us names isn't going to hurt us."Harbaugh said he has not yet received clarification from the league office, adding he will not be able to share any information he is given, anyway.AP images

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