Harbaugh in search of 49ers' offensive identity

September 19, 2011, 8:21 pm
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SANTA CLARA -- Through two games, only the Seattle Seahawks rank lower among NFL teams in total offense than the 49ers.Coach Jim Harbaugh attempts to identify what works best for the 49ers' offense."In the process of finding our identity," Harbaugh said Monday, the day after the 49ers' 27-24 loss to the Dallas Cowboys. "We're going to stick to our guns. In a lot of ways, disappointed like all fans, all players, all coaches, everybody involved. Disappointed. But not discouraged. I feel we're on track."Nobody thought it would be a quick fix for the 49ers, who have not been to the playoffs since 2002. As Harbaugh said, "Everybody wants to solve the debt today."So what does Harbaugh envision for the 49ers' offense?"We want to be a running team. We want to be throwing team. We want to be darn-near 50-50 and equally good in both," he said.The 49ers have been efficient with their passing game. Quarterback Alex Smith 95.2 passer rating ranks 11th in the NFL. But running back Frank Gore has not gotten much going. He gained just 106 yards and a touchdown on 42 rushing attempts in the first two games."Everybody on our team, including Frank, (is) doing things that are really good, really positive," Harbaugh said. "Played well enough to win. Frank is doing some incredible things in the pass protection and some really fine runs. It all works together, the scheme, the blocking, the angles, timing. And we are not where we want to be, yet."Tight end Vernon Davis expressed surprise following the 49ers' loss on Sunday that he was used so often in pass protection. Davis remained into block on 10 of the 49ers' 30 quarterback drop-back."There's frustration on Vernon's part, I'm sure," Harbaugh said. "He was doubled most of the ball game, in terms of the passing game. But, still, finding that role, creating that identity for Vernon in the passing game. And he's going to be asked to do multiple other things, in terms of the run game and pass protection."Does Harbaugh plan to speak with Davis about his frustration?"Oh, yeah, I'll address Vernon and the entire team on where we're at and were we need to go, going forward," he said.