Harbaugh sends clear message with 'best receiver' comment

July 11, 2012, 7:11 pm
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There are few things as meaningless as assigning an MVP for the offseason.The bottom line is that what happened on the 49ers practice field during the past several months will be forgotten -- and meaningless -- as soon as training camp opens and the pads go on in a couple of weeks.
So what was behind 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh's recent remarks in which he heaped praise on veteran wide receiver Randy Moss? Rich Gannon of "The SiriusXM Blitz" said Harbaugh told him that Moss was "our best receiver right now."Yes, Moss had a good offseason. His teammates and coaches were effusive in their praise of his work on the field and behind the scenes.Moss made himself off-limits to the media since participating in a conference call on March 12 to announce his signing. On that call, he was asked if there's anything he could do to help out Michael Crabtree?"I think, not just Crabtree, but it's a young group of guys," Moss said. "And there's a saying I have: 'I like what I can do for the NFL. I don't like what the NFL can do for me.' I've loved the game of football. For me to be able to start at a young age and play Pop Warner football and have my dreams come true to become a professional football player. I like what I'm able to give back to football and the NFL."If those guys are willing to accept me as a teammate, come here and make this thing happen, then I'm ready to give back anything I have: my knowledge, my work ethic and all of the above. I look forward to going out and working with these young guys, and coaches included."While answering questions from the media, Harbaugh will often say he does not like to draw comparisons. However, without prompting, Harbaugh will sometimes make comparisons when he sees an opportunity to make a point.It's pretty clear Harbaugh's words were intended to provide validation to Moss that he's doing the right things. And his words were intended to inspire Crabtree and all the other receivers on the team to pay close attention to Moss.After all, if Moss was the best receiver on the team during the offseason, all the other receivers now have been issued the challenge to keep pace with Moss once training camp opens.