How NFL pays players during postseason

January 17, 2012, 3:15 pm
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The NFL postseason places every player on common ground in one regard -- all teammates are paid on equal terms.

As reported over the weekend, 49ers quarterback Alex Smith has already "maxed out" his incentive package at 2.5 million. His 4 million base salary is only for the regular season. NFL base salaries take into account only the 17-week regular season.

But Smith -- and each of his 52 teammates -- receives an additional 62,000 total for advancing to the NFC Championship Game from the divisional round.

Here is a look at the league's postseason wage scale:

Wild-card game
Division winner: 22,000
Wild-card: 20,000

Divisional playoff game

Conference championship game

Super Bowl XLVI
Winning team: 88,000
Losing team: 44,000

Pro Bowl
Winning team: 50,000
Losing team: 25,000

Note: A player on a division winner participating in the wild-card round and winning the Super Bowl will receive a total of 172,000. A player on a wild-card team which wins the Super Bowl will receive a total of 170,000. If a team -- such as the 49ers -- wins their division, receives a first-round bye, and ends winning the Super Bowl, each player would receive for 150,000 for the postseason.

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