Joshua Morgan's open letter to 49ers fans

October 15, 2011, 4:11 am
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Wide receiver Joshua Morgan, who sustained a fractured right lower leg Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, underwent season-ending surgery the next day.In the days that followed, many football fans expressed concern and support for Morgan. On Friday, he responded via email to with a message to 49ers fans:
"I really appreciate all the love and support! It's been really hard to deal with because I've never been injured like this, and especially at this point and time. I was the leading WR on the team and proving all the critics wrong about me, and I was in my contract year. And now this. But I'm named after Joshua in the Bible for a reason. I'm a strong, courageous human being, and I've overcome every obstacle before me and came back better, stronger and wiser every year."I love the game and love the Bay Area and the organization. I feel like I let everybody down by this injury and sincerely apologize. Trust and know I'm doing my best and everything I can to heal as quick and smart as possible and come back like I always do -- better and stronger to prove all my critics wrong. I will continue to keep climbing and try to join the names of the other great 49er WRs in the past and bring a Super Bowl or two or three back to the Bay.That's my ambition, my addiction and my motivation! I've always been addicted to success and addicted to greatness. But, in ending, I wanna thank all the fans for all your support and well wishes!"--Joshua Morgan

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