Kaepernick Q&A

Kaepernick Q&A
December 19, 2012, 1:15 pm
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Kaepernick on Seattle: 'We expect it to be loud'

SANTA CLARA -- Quarterback Colin Kaepernick was named NFC Offensive Player of the Week for his performance Sunday night in the 49ers' 41-34 victory over the New England Patriots.

On Wednesday, he stood in front of the media for more than five minutes and heard questions as the 49ers prepare to face the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday night:

What was your reaction to being named NFC Offensive Player of the Week?
Kaepernick: "Excited about it."

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Kaepernick: "I think it's a great accolade for this team. I mean, there are a lot of great players on this team that put in the effort for that award to come around."

When you got on the bus, did you feel like this was the kind of game worthy of that award?
Kaepernick: " Um, I was just happy we got the win."

What did Tom Brady say to you after the game?
Kaepernick: " Just 'good job.'"

There's a picture of you shaking hands with Tom Brady after the game. What was your emotions like about beating a guy like that in his own home?
Kaepernick: "I mean, I was just excited about it. He is someone I've always looked up to, someone I always watched. So to get a win over someone like that is a great accomplishment."

What kind of work have you done with Vernon Davis after practices to get on the same page?
Kaepernick: "Just extra throws."

What kind of statement did the win over the Patriots make about the team and what you can accomplish going forward?
Kaepernick: "I mean, it isn't going to mean too much if we don't come out and win this week. That's what we're focused on right now."

What kind of challenge do the Seahawks present to you?
Kaepernick: "The Seahawks are hot team right now. Their defense is playing great. Their offense is putting up points. So we have to be ready."

What are you expecting in terms of the hostile environment and how loud it is?
Kaepernick: "I mean, we expect it to be loud."

Do you do anything different in preparing to play in one of the loudest stadiums in the league?
Kaepernick: "We're going to prepare like we do for all of our away games."

Do you feel like you and Vernon are making some progress? And why?
Kaepernick: "Yeah, we're making progress because we're getting those throws after practice."

This is your third prime-time start. Is this something you embrace about playing under the lights?
Kaepernick: "We're just going out, trying to get a win."

So, no?
Kaepernick: "I guess."

Obviously, you don't study Russell Wilson, but are you able to appreciate what he's been able to do this year?
Kaepernick: "Yeah, I've seen a little bit of what he's done. I mean, everything I've seen of him, he's been doing great things out there. So that's something we're going to have to account for."

Does he seem like a guy who's going to be your adversary, your Tom Brady, for the next decade or so?
Kaepernick: "He'll be my adversary Sunday night. That's what we're worried about."

The first time you guys played, a big deal was made about how physical their corners are. Do they still play with the same aggressive nature that they showed earlier in the season?
Kaepernick: "Yes."

How do you go about beating that?
Kaepernick: "Our receivers are going to physical. Be physical in their routes, be physical in their blocking."

Do you have to press the issue? If they're going to be on them, do you have to allow your receivers to make plays?
Kaepernick: "I mean, our receivers have been making plays. I expect them to go out and do that on Sunday, too."

What was your reaction to the music video that came out a couple of days ago with the 5-year-old girl?
Kaepernick: "(Laughs) I thought it was a good video. Big 'ups' to her."

What do you like about Michael Crabtree as a receiver?
Kaepernick: "He catches the ball. He catches the ball and makes plays after he catches it."

Have you and Crabtree had the chemistry from the beginning or is it something that's developed?
Kaepernick: "I mean, Crabs is the kind of receiver if you throw it close to him, he's going to catch it."

Vernon Davis said you want to get bigger and he says don't change. He doesn't want your arm to get too much stronger. Is that a running joke between you two?
Kaepernick: "Yeah."

Will you elaborate a little on the back and forth?
Kaepernick: "I mean, it's just a joke we've had since the offseason because he knows I have a strong arm."

How much bigger do you want to be?
Kaepernick: " It really isn't about getting bigger. It's just a joke we had."

Have you had a moment to yourself to reflect and enjoy the fact that so much is happening?
Kaepernick: "Right now is not the time to reflect. We need to work and keep getting wins."

Delanie Walker said Crabtree is always saying he's open, look for me. Do you like that in a wide receiver?
Kaepernick: "I love that in a receiver. You want somebody who wants the ball."

Colin, what would you ask you if you were standing in our spot?
Kaepernick: "(Laughs) The same questions every week like you all do."