Kaepernick: 'They haven't told me anything, yet'

November 21, 2012, 11:00 pm
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SANTA CLARA -- Quarterback Colin Kaepernick met with the media Wednesday to answer questions. Here's what he had to say:
Have you been involved in a duel like this, controversy might be too strong?
"Uh, no."Alex said you guys have talked. What have those talks been like?
"We've always been on each other's side. We've always supported each other. So we're going to keep doing that."What have you been told this week? Is it up in the air who's going to start?
"They haven't told me anything, yet."When do you expect to know?
"I don't know. They'll let me know when they make a decision."What about practice snaps? Until Alex is cleared will you get most of the reps?
"I don't know. They haven't told me anything, yet."When you watched the offensive performance on Monday night, what stood out to you?
"The biggest thing for me was there was a couple more throws I wish I would have hit, as far as the long one to Vernon, a couple sideline throws I wish I would have hit."Do you feel like you've earned another start?
"That's really not up to me. That's up to coach."Alex was saying he wants to show good character and he wants the quarterback room to show good character so team can look up to you guys? Do you take the same attitude?
"Yeah, definitely. We both want to do whatever's best for the team and whatever's going to make us win."Do you expect to start? How do you prepare this week?
"Same way I've been preparing the whole season."What was your reaction when you were told Sunday night you were starting? Did you tell anybody?
"I told my parents, I told my family. Other than that, I just went about business as usual."Do you feel a different dynamic with you and Alex and your relationship now?
"No. It's the same as it has been."How do you keep it from not getting uncomfortable?
"We're just going to put the team first. That's what's most important."Do you think you proved Monday night -- to yourself -- that you can put a team on your back and lead it?
"I don't know about putting a team on my back. I mean, we had, our offensive line played amazing. Our defense played great. Our receivers made plays. So they made it easy on me to go out there."You first NFL game came in the Superdome. What kind of memories do you have of that game?
"Bad memories. That was kind of an all-out fest when we played them last time. Hopefully, we go out and have a better performance this time around."How much of the physical act of playing quarterback, completing those passes, is a result of having the mental game under lock and key, too?
"I think that's the biggest part if being mentally prepared so you know where you want to go with the football."How did that part of the game for you Monday?
"I felt very comfortable with it."What have the past two days been like since the game? Have you gotten a lot of message, e-mails?
"A lot of messages, things like that. But I did the same thing I've done after every game. Came in, worked out, watched film, taken care of my body.

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