Kaepernick's playoff plan -- no changes

January 11, 2012, 7:50 pm
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SANTA CLARA -- Rookie quarterback Colin Kaepernick has attempted a total of five regular-season passes in a couple of 49ers blowout victories this season.But he remains on high alert in case he is needed.Each week, Kaepernick supplies offensive coordinator Greg Roman a list of the pass plays in which he feels the most confident. That play list often coincides with Alex Smith's list -- because those are the plays Kaepernick finds himself discussing with Smith.Though Kaepernick and Smith feature different styles, Kaepernick said if he were pressed into action Saturday against the New Orleans Saints, the 49ers' offense would not change a bit.
Here's a Q&A that CSN Bay Area conducted with Kaepernick:How are you developing?
Kaepernick: "Good. Just getting more comfortable every week."It's always the question of the backup quarterback -- you're just one snap away -- do you envision a scenario to get yourself mentally prepared where you're in the game?
Kaepernick: "That's something . . . you always want to be on the field, but the way things are going right now, I don't want to envision anything happening with Alex (Smith), where he's getting hurt."How about him breaking his shoe string, and you have to play?
Kaepernick: "Yeah, while he's fixing his shoestring, going in and play a little bit."How confident are you that you could go in there and do all the pre-snap stuff you have to do against the Saints and get the team down the field?
Kaepernick: "Very confident."How much time do you get in practice with the ones?
Kaepernick: "A little, here and there. But that's my responsibility in being a professional is having to know what you need to do, even if you don't get practice reps."Where do you think you've made your biggest strides since the exhibition season?
Kaepernick: "I think just being comfortable with everything: the terminology, the offense, being able to read things quicker and getting through progressions."What do you do during a game? Do you make the calls in your mind as you're watching from the sideline?
Kaepernick: "I'm watching the defense. There are times when Alex will ask me to watch certain things, just in case he's not seeing it how he wants to. But for the most part I'm watching the defense to see what they're doing."Can you help Alex?
Kaepernick: "Yeah, there are times when he asks me what they're doing on this receiver, what did they do here? That's part of my job of being a backup."It's obviously a different vantage point than being behind center, but are you able to see the field?
Kaepernick: "Yeah, you can tell what the defense is doing, for the most part. You might not be able to tell exactly how wide somebody is, but for the most part, you have a good feel."In college, how much reading of defenses did you do?
Kaepernick: "Defenses are more complex, but we still had checks and audibles, stuff like that in college."Are you more advanced in that area of it than a year ago?
Kaepernick: "Defenses are more complex in the NFL, so you have to be able to see a lot more things than you do in college to get a key."What will this week be like for you?
Kaepernick: "Same as every other week. You have to prepare the same, make sure you're ready to go."Does Greg Roman ask you to supply plays with which you're most comfortable?
Kaepernick: "Yeah, they've done that with me. It's whatever we're most comfortable with, with whatever we're doing that week. At this point, I kind of feel like I'm on the same page as Alex, as far as these are the things we feel most comfortable with -- probably because I'm always asking him about those plays."

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