Maiocco: 49ers-Seahawks in-game blog

September 12, 2011, 12:39 am
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EDITOR'S NOTE: Matt Maiocco used Twitter to communicate his thoughts and observations from the Candlestick Park press box during Sunday's regular season opener between the 49ers and Seahawks.

4:49 PM
Cameraman JC tells me midfield meeting -- Harbaugh: "See you on the road." Pete Carroll: "Yep."4:31 PM
Ted Ginn -- again -- to the house ... This time punt-return TD. Have a last four minutes, Ted Ginn. It's 33-17 now.4:27 PM
Ginn had the smallest role on offense of any of the 49ers receivers, but he contributed far more than the others.4:26 PM
Ted Ginn answers w TD return, and aren't the 49ers pleased he accepted the pay cut to stick around. Now, it's 26-17.4:23 PM
Well, now, this got a lot more interesting with Doug Baldwin (Stanford) long run-after catch for TD. 49ers 19, Saehawks 17 w 3:56 left.

4:10 PM
With Akers' 19-yard field goal, it's 49ers 19-10 with 5:54 remaining.4:08 PM
And now they're back where they were . . . kicking a short field goal . . . with a couple minutes being run off the clock.4:05 PM
I''m a little surprised Harbaugh is taking the points off the board. First and goal at the 2 with 8:09 left. 49ers still lead 16-10.4:04 PM
49ers call a run play on third down from the 4. Clearly, they're content with the field goal to take a 9-point lead.4:00 PM
49ers get a break on a horse-collar penalty that wasn't. They have ball inside 5.3:54 PM
Alex Smith to Braylon Edwards for 12 yards, and the 49ers are now 1 of 10 on third downs.3:52 PM
Michael Crabtree has a towel on his head on the sideline. His helmet isn't in sight. He's standing up, though.3:48 PM
Steven Hauschka makes a 39-yard field goal, and now the 49ers might want to scrap the four-corners offense and score some points.3:44 PM
The long arm of Aldon Smith bats down a second-down screen pass. And he comes off the field on third down as 49ers go with 6 DBs.3:42 PM
Don't know about that penalty on Madieu Williams. He never made contact with the defenseless receiver's head.3:34 PM
Michael Crabtree has played just 13 snaps in the game. He has one catch for 4 yards and one drop (of a pass that would've gained 2 yards).3:33 PM
Long, long, long return by Leon Washington. But there's a flag down. It's coming back.3:29 PM
Rookie RB Kendall Hunter takes over for this 49ers' drive, which starts at the 20.3:29 PM
49ers' defense is same as it was in first half. The nickel defense consists of DE Aldon Smith and DBs Reggie Smith and Tramaine Brock.3:28 PM
MaioccoCSN Matt MaioccoComrade @RattoCSN points out teams have combined for 2-for-17 on third downs.3:22 PM
Not impressive series for 49ers. Gore stuffed and Vernon Davis heard footsteps on deep pass. Three and out.3:16 PM
Seahawks get into the end zone, and Pete Carroll kicks the PAT. My wife always says, "Never go for two unless you're in the fourth quarter."3:12 PM
Doug Baldwin catches third-down pass from Jackson for a first down. He might be catching passes from ex-Stanford teammate next season.3:08 PM
RT @goodin99 why the numbers on back of 49ers helmets? > In memory of Joe "The Jet" Perry and John Henry Johnson.3:02 PM
Total net yards through one half: Seahawks 37, 49ers 128.

2:51 PM
49ers go to the locker room leading 16-0, as Tramaine Brock (one of 7 DBs on the field) picks off desperation throw on final play.2:47 PM
49ers QB Alex Smith is 9 of 11 for 82 yards four carries for 17 yards and a TD.2:46 PM
Alex Smith took chance and it paid off. If he was stopped short, time would've expired in first half. Instead Smith runs it in. 49ers 16-0.2:45 PM
49ers have ball at 1-yard line with :17 seconds left. They can't run it because they don't have any timeouts, right?2:31 PM
Akers make another short field goal (31 yards) and 49ers lead 9-0 with 2:40 left in the half.2:30 PM
Kendall Hunter gets his first career play. He runs on third-and-short and is stopped shy of the first down. Akers back out for FG attempt.2:20 PM
RT @wnykeys Snyder 4 Rachal because of injury? > Don't know, but Rachal is back in there now.2:14 PM
Through 20 minutes, you get feeling that the best chance either team has of scoring is when the other team has the ball. 49ers Seahawks2:12 PMBack to Will Tukuafu, the official ruling is a fumble recovery and not an interception. Also, Adam Snyder was in at RG for Chilo Rachal.2:11 PM
First and goal at the 9, and 49ers don't do anything with it. Akers with the field goal. The 49ers lead 6-0.2:08 PM
Haralson with the hit, Tukuafu with the interception on his FIRST CAREER PLAY FROM SCRIMMAGE.2:01 PM
Remember 49ers' "co-starting receiver" Ted Ginn? He did not see a snap on offense in the first quarter. But he had a 31-yard punt return.2:00 PM
Third-and-11, Alex Smith throws to Braylon Edwards for 7 yards. David Akers with 27 yard field goal. It's 49ers 3-0.
1:57 PM
Interesting that Alex Smith would be used as a lead blocker on a misdirection pitch. But he helped Gore gain 12 yards. Quarter ends: 0-0.

1:51 PM
Seahawks injury report: FB Michael Robinson (ankle) is doubtful to return.

1:50 PM
On first two drives, 49ers had 3rd-and-7 and 3rd-and-3. They had failed run plays both times. But Lee's had two good punts, avging 63 yards.

1:46 PM
49ers are getting some pressure on Tarvaris Jackson. Justin Smith & Ray McDonald now have sacks. They worked out a lot together this summer.

1:41 PM
The ruling on the field stands. Harbaugh's first challenge fails.

1:38 PM
Harbaugh throws challenge flag, saying that bouncing punt hit the Seahawks return man. Replay seemed to show it didn't, but we'll see.

1:36 PM
Boos for the 49ers already, as Gore gets call on draw on third-and-7. And 49ers will punt.
1:35 PM
On the second play, Michael Crabtree comes onto the field.

1:34 PM
Joshua Morgan and Braylon Edwards are 49ers' starting receivers.

1:33 PM
On third downs, 49ers replace Madieu Williams, Parys Haralson and Isaac Sopoaga with Tramaine Brock, Aldon Smith and Reggie Smith.

1:32 PM
Ray McDonald just topped his sack total for all of last year throwing Jackson for 2-yard sack on third down. Seahawks punt. 49ers take over.

1:30 PM
Going back to coin toss, yes, it looked as if Gore was indicating the 49ers wanted the ball. Ref Jeff Triplette announced 49ers deferred.

1:26 PM
But 49ers defense goes back on the field because Tavares Gooden roughs the kicker and it's a Seattle first down.

1:25 PM
Good pressure from Ray McDonald and tackle by Tarell Brown to force Seahawks punt.

1:24 PM
Aldon Smith, Reggie Smith and Tramaine Brock enter on third down.


1:15 PM
Many of the Seahawks were joining the military personnel holding the 100-yard long American flag on their side of the field.

1:15 PM
49ers captains, Frank Gore and Patrick Willis, at midfield for coin toss. Seattle won toss, 49ers defer to second half. Seattle receives KO.

1:13 PM
Around NFC West... RT @STLouisRams Injuries mounting: Rams have lost Bradford, Jackson, J.Smith, Amendola, Bartell to various ailments.

11:57 AM
49ers inactives: Tolzien, K.Williams, Goldson, Kilgore, Person, I.Williams, Dobbs. Madieu Williams starts. More on http:bit.ly9TQlwf

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