Maiocco: Baas' long flight shows commitment

Maiocco: Baas' long flight shows commitment

June 10, 2011MAIOCCO ARCHIVE49ERS PAGE 49ERS VIDEOMatt MaioccoCSNBayArea.comThe 49ers targeted center David Baas for a contract extension during the season. The sides were not able to work out a new deal before the lockout.Of the 49ers' players assured of being unrestricted free agents when the lockout is lifted, Baas ranks No. 1 on the list of importance -- after the rubber-stamp signing of quarterback Alex Smith, of course.
Baas began training camp a year ago in the no-win situation of competing against rookie Mike Iupati at left guard. When Eric Heitmann was sidelined for several weeks with a broken leg after already sustaining a neck injury, Baas moved seamlessly into the starting job at center.Baas started all 16 games and clearly had his best NFL season. He figures prominently into the 49ers' plan for 2011, too.RELATED: David Baas profile
Heitmann still has not been cleared to resume playing football, casting serious doubt on his future. The 49ers drafted two collegiate tackles to convert to center. So the 49ers do not have any other legitimate options at center.Baas showed a huge level of commitment this week when he made a one-day appearance at Camp Alex to join 20 of his offensive teammates. Baas flew cross country from Florida on short notice to take part in the introduction to the new 49ers playbook."It was just one day, but it was good to be around the guys and get my brain working again," said Baas, who was scheduled to return home Saturday morning. "I think it was a really good choice."Baas saw the new playbook for the first time on Thursday. When the players moved to the field, Baas said he made only one mistake in which he barked out last year's terminology to make a line call.There is little question that Baas, a second-round draft pick in 2005, wishes to return to the 49ers for at least another season. He said he expressed as much to coach Jim Harbaugh before the lockout."Even just talking to Harbaugh for an hour, I'm really excited. And I hope that I'm back here," he said."Before I left, I told them that I really want to be here. But we just got to wait to see how it plays out. I'm going to prepare myself like I'm going to be back. That's all I can do right now."

Adam Gase offers advice to presumptive 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan

Adam Gase offers advice to presumptive 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan

Coach Adam Gase, a finalist for the 49ers’ head-coaching position two years ago, learned in his first season with the Miami Dolphins it is essential to have a solid staff around him in order to remain focused on calling plays.

Presumptive 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan has spent the past nine NFL seasons as an offensive coordinator, including the past two with the Atlanta Falcons. His teams have ranked within the top-10 in total offense in six of those seasons. The Falcons play Sunday in the NFC Championship Game against the Green Bay Packers.

Shanahan’s knack for game-planning and play-calling are, perhaps, the biggest reasons the 49ers have tabbed him to become head coach. And he is not likely to delegate those duties when he becomes the man in charge on the sideline.

But Gase, speaking on “The 49ers Insider” podcast, noted the importance of being surrounded by a strong staff in order to continue to run his team’s offense.

“It really comes down to how good your coaching staff is around you and how good your support staff is and how you can manage the game during the game and still be able to call plays,” Gase said.

The Dolphins’ staff includes special-teams coordinator Darren Rizzi and his assistant, Marwan Maalouf, who have studied game management and are responsible for alerting Gase to impending in-game circumstances that require his attention. Rizzi is on the sideline during games, while Maalouf is located in the booth.

“They were staying one step ahead on things,” Gase said.

Gase and Shanahan have never worked together, but Gase said they have known each other for a long time because they are approximately the same age and came into the league around the same time.

“You see guys at the combine and the Senior Bowl," Gase said. "You’re at these functions and you see each other once or twice a year. And it’s always good catching up and getting a chance to talk football.

“We grew up in different styles of systems on offense, but at the end of the day, football is football, and there’s always great conversations to have. He’s really smart. . . (We’ve) crossed up a little bit, where he’s worked with certain guys I’ve worked with and vice versa. And I’ve heard nothing but great things about him, with what he knows football-wise and how he goes about his day-to-day activities and work ethic. All I’ve ever heard are great things about him.”

Shanahan is expected to be included in the 49ers' process of hiring a general manager. The 49ers this week informed four of the remaining eight candidates for the position they would not be included in a second round of interviews. That leaves Green Bay’s Brian Gutekunst and Eliot Wolf, Minnesota’s George Paton and Arizona’s Terry McDonough as those who are still under consideration.

When asked what advice he would give Shanahan, were he to officially become 49ers head coach, Gase said, “It’s all about communication.”

He added, “It’s all about that constant dialogue throughout the season. It’s really easy to get lost in doing your job as the head coach. But when you’re all invested in the same thing and you’re all striving to do the same thing and that communication is really rolling, that gives you your best chance to have success.

“It’s never guaranteed because there are so many factors that happen within the season with injuries and schedule and just all those little things you can’t predict, but when you have great communication and you’re all working toward the same thing, that’s going to give you your best chance.”

Jaguars retain offensive coordinator, pass on Chip Kelly

Jaguars retain offensive coordinator, pass on Chip Kelly

It appears the Jaguars have passed on Chip Kelly for a second time this month.

After reportedly not getting their head coaching job, Kelly reportedly interviewed for their offensive coordinator position on Monday.

But two days later, Jacksonville announced that Nathaniel Hackett has been retained as offensive coordinator under head coach Doug Marrone.

Kelly told recently he would take his time to determine his next career move.

“I’m not going to close the door on any opportunity, but I have to be very smart in what I do next,” Kelly said two days after his firing. “I don’t have to take anything, but I wouldn’t rule anything out. I need to make sure that I’m in the right situation.

“I don’t know what the future holds. I’ll do my due diligence. I’m not going to coach just to coach.”

The 49ers fired Kelly with three years, $18 million remaining in his contract. The 49ers hired Kelly just two weeks after the Philadelphia Eagles fired him. Kelly went 26-21 with the Eagles after leaving his successful program with the Oregon Ducks after the 2012 season.