Maiocco: Gore Pays Small Price for Valuable Lesson

July 24, 2010, 9:58 pm
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July 24, 2010MAIOCCO ARCHIVE49ERS PAGE 49ERS VIDEOMatt MaioccoCSNBayArea.comRunning back Frank Gore's name was in the news this week for a reason other than his exemplary play with the 49ers.The NCAA is investigating whether agents, financial advisors or"runners" paid for Florida trips this spring of some top collegeathletes, according to SportsBusiness Journal. Gore hosted a birthdaypool party in May at his Miami house that reportedly caught theattention of the NCAA because of the invite list.Gore told SportsBusiness Journal he could not confirm whether some topcollege football players attended the party because he could not keeptrack of everyone who walked through his door that night."I dont even know those guys. There were a lot of people there; it was crazy," Gore said.Gore must in the future keep closer tabs on such matters. He shouldlimit invitations to his house to only those individuals he knowspersonally. As an elite professional athlete, fair or not, Gore is heldaccountable for everyone with whom he associates.There are no possible repercussions for Gore. After all, he is allowedto have a birthday party at his house. But he should also learn avaluable lesson from this episode.

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