Moss expresses pride in Kaepernick's play

November 29, 2012, 3:30 pm
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Programming note: You can catch the re-broadcast of 'NFL Turning Point' tonight at 9 p.m. PT and again on Saturday, Dec. 1 at 6 p.m. PT on the NBC Sports Network

Receiver Randy Moss was held without a reception in Colin Kaepernick's second start.Not only that, but the one pass Kaepernick intended for the 14-year veteran required him to turn into a defender. Moss grabbed New Orleans Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins to prevent a potential tide-changing interception in the end zone. (No penalty for offensive pass interference was called on the play.)"NFL Turning Point," which aired Wednesday night on NBC Sports Network, captured a revealing sideline interaction between Moss and Kaepernick.It was late in the game, and the 49ers had the victory in hand. Kaepernick was upset he did not deliver the touchdown pass to Moss. In turn, Moss had nothing but encouraging words for Kaepernick.Moss: "It's all good, bro. You live and you learn, man. Hey, man, I'm proud of you, dog."Kaepernick: "Man, I'm mad. I'm trying to get it in the end zone. (Inaudible.)"Moss: "Ain't nothing to be mad about. Hey, you've been waiting on your chance to shine, and you shined, dog. . . Way to go! (Moss hits Kaepernick in the chest.) Proud! Man, smile! I'm talkin' about smile, bro. You had a heck of a game, man."Others have talked about Moss' impact on his teammates behind the scenes. This provided a glimpse into the rapport he has developed with Kaepernick.This kind of Moss-Kaepernick dialogue is probably a lot different than what would've been seen from any sideline interaction involving Moss and veteran Alex Smith. Moss is shown here as a mentor. He can have a greater influence on Kaepernick at this stage of their careers.This is not to suggest Moss -- or anyone else -- chose sides in the quarterback debate. I do know there are a lot of 49ers who feel badly for Smith because he is no longer the starter. Tight end Delanie Walker expressed surprise because he -- and many others -- felt as if Smith did nothing to lose the job.However, there also is a majority feeling inside the locker room of optimism based on what everyone has seen thus far from Kaepernick. That enthusiasm was easy to detect in Moss' voice.

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