Payton calls report of bad blood bogus

January 10, 2012, 9:44 pm
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SANTA CLARA -- New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton denied the report that originated from the Saints play-by-play radio broadcaster about what unfolded before the exhibition opener against the 49ers.To hit rewind, this is what New Orleans broadcaster Jim Henderson said on a Houston radio station about why Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams dialed up 18 blitzes in the first half against the 49ers on Aug. 12."From what I heard from some people, Sean Payton sort of expected (Jim) Harbaugh to call him throughout the week and kind of figure out a gentleman's agreement as to how the game would be played. When that didn't occur, Sean just said to Gregg, 'Let the dogs out.' And they did."On Tuesday in a conference call with reporters who cover the 49ers, this how Payton responded when asked if there's any bad blood with Harbaugh:
"There's no bad blood. I had a chance to listen to Jim (Harbaugh) talk yesterday and the report was absolutely crazy. If the thought that I'd be waiting for a certain phone call, I mean -- I just answered that same question with our media. We end up, if you watch our preseason games every year, you see us in one or two of those games trying to blitz a lot to get our packages in. But the idea that I was offended that he didn't call is nuts. The idea that we're sitting here talking about it because some reporter reported it like it was fact was completely crazy."So Payton didn't ask Williams to bring on the blitz?"No. I wish I was wearing a mic . . . I don't think I've ever turned to him and said, 'Let's bring on the blitz now.' Just think of the idea of that: the phone call, this mysterious phone call that we were expecting, is crazy. If there was ever a time in the preseason it's usually the fourth preseason game that you might make a decision in regards to what you may or may not do. I know Jim and I certainly know and worked with his brother (John) very well, and it was a bogus report now and it's crazy that we're talking about it."

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