Redskins: 49ers 'are beatable'

November 7, 2011, 7:10 pm
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LANDOVER, Md. -- There was a lot of trash talk that began before the game when the Redskins were upset when some 49ers ran through their drills on the way to the locker room before the game.But it was all in the name of good competition, 49ers tight end Vernon Davis said.
"It was normal," Davis said of the amount of interaction among the players on both teams. "They wanted to win the game. They competed. I can't downplay that. They had a lot of physical guys on their side. I think they played a helluva game, as far as stopping the ball and their DBs did a good job -- DeAngelo Hall and (LaRon) Landry."Here is what some members of the Redskins had to say following the 49ers' 19-11 victory on Sunday:"I thought the defense did some really good things, played well enough to win. I thought the intensity was there and I thought our players played extremely hard. But when you make that many mistakes, you have two turnovers (actually, three) on offense and eventually give up pretty good field position against a team that runs the ball extremely well, plays good rush defense, you can't have that many mistakes."
--Redskins coach Mike Shanahan"They are beatable. They came out and played their game the way they. They run the ball effectively, have a strong defense, didn't make too many mistakes of offense. We turned the ball over too much and we allowed them to run the ball. It's frustrating, but at the same time we had a chance. We gave them the (onside) kick. We have to come up with that and give our offense a chance to go out and tie the game."
--Linebacker Lorenzo Alexander"I don't think they (the 49ers) played that great. I don't think they have that dynamic of an offense. If you hold certain teams in the league to 19 points, you feel you did a great job. I don't think that's their type of offense. I think we could've played better. I think we made mistakes. They are a ball controldefensive team. They are the type of team we strive to be, and they have been doing it very well. "
--Defensive lineman Barry Cofield"We came back and looked at the photos that they gave us on the sideline. And there were a few (plays) where I could've waited a second longer and had a shot at something. I'm going off what I saw, and when you look at the pictures, there were a couple there. (Offensive coordinator) Kyle Shanahan and I were standing on the sideline and we said, 'Hey, you know what? Just wait a half-second longer and it'll get into this hole and we can shoot it there.' "
--Quarterback John Beck"I feel like I was getting open. A lot of times John would go through his reads and not come to me. But that's for coach to talk to John about. I just try to get open and make plays when it comes to me."
--Wide receiver Jabar Gaffney"We played hard. We're always going to play hard. Coach Shanahan coaches well, and we're always going to play hard. Playing hard and losing really doesn't do anything for you, so we've got to figure it out."
--Tackle Trent Williams