Roman on thwarted trick play: 'Next question'

October 4, 2012, 8:25 pm
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SANTA CLARA -- Backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick was on the field for four plays in the first half against the New York Jets.An alert timeout by the Jets prevented him from a fifth snap . . . and a potential second touchdown.Kaepernick entered in the second quarter and made an inside handoff to running back Frank Gore, which resulted in a one-yard loss. Earlier in the game, Kaepernick rushed for 17 yards and scored his first career touchdown on a seven-yard run.When starting quarterback Alex Smith returned to the field after the Gore running play, Kaepernick appeared as if he was heading toward the sideline. Instead, he lined up wide on the left side.
The 49ers had a bunch formation on offense. And the Jets did not have anyone covering Kaepernick. But just before the snap, the Jets were granted a timeout. Smith could've taken the snap and thrown quickly to Kaepernick, who would've had clear sailing down the sideline.
Roman was asked on Thursday what he was thinking as this took place?"I don't know what play you're talking about," Roman said.When informed that the sequence was shown on TV, Roman quipped, "We have ways to get rid of that. . . Yeah, I think he was talking to the official about the previous play. Next question."Roman probably did not want any more attention drawn to this particular play because he knows that future opponents will now be on the lookout for the trickery.
"I don't look at as 'trick plays,'" Roman said. "They're football plays. The rules are the rules, and we're within the rules. I don't know that we have trick plays. They're what I like to call mixers, we might want to mix in from time to time."The 49ers have had option plays for Kaepernick in their game plan previously. But Sunday's game was the first time Kaepernick was used in multiple plays in the same game."We've had something up every week, but we chose to use it last week," Roman said. "He's our backup quarterback. He's in an understudy role, an apprentice type of role, and he's doing a nice job of it. It's just week to week. He did a nice job of what we asked him to do last week."The more guys we can get involved, the better."