Smith to Moss: A work in progress

July 27, 2012, 8:52 pm
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SANTA CLARA -- Quarterback Alex Smith admits there was an initial intimidation factor when he knew he would be Randy Moss' teammate.
After all, Moss came in with a history of big production and an almost-bigger persona."At first, it definitely can be (intimidating)," Smith said Friday on the first day of 49ers training camp. "He's a guy you grew up watching -- a veteran who has done so much."(But) the great thing about being around Randy is he keeps it light and makes it fun to play out there. So that vanished pretty quick. He's a great communicator out there. He sees things very well. He communicates well. So it's been great working with him. I've learned a lot."There should be a lot of learning on the practice field, as Smith finds himself with new receivers. Moss, who took part in the team's offseason program, calls it a work in progress."The one thing about the addition of, not just me, but bringing in (Mario) Manningham, we got a nice group of receivers here," Moss said. "With Alex being the quarterback, we all have to get our timing down to know which routes we can run. So it's a work in progress."Smith agrees with that assessment, as he also potentially could have a full training camp to work with Michael Crabtree, who has yet to play an exhibition game with the 49ers."With the NFL, the way it is today, the team will never be exactly the same," Smith said. "Things are constantly changing. You have new faces coming in -- young and old -- and you adjust."After being away from the game for the 2011 season, Moss said he is happy to be playing football again. "I've been playing football since I was six years old," he said. "The love I have for the game of football will always be in me. I just want to play football. Just being here and coach (Jim) Harbaugh and this organization accepting me, and bringing me here was just something I can give something back in return with my play and my presence on and off the field."The 49ers' first official practice of training camp is scheduled Friday to run from 2:30 p.m. to 5:10.

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