Smith: 'This was always the place'


Smith: 'This was always the place'

Unsolicited, Jim Harbaugh made his first direct comments about the 49ers' pursuit of Peyton Manning Wednesday.

MAIOCCO: Harbaugh revists 49ers' 'evaluation' of Peyton Manning

His words came over two months after Manning elected to sign with the Denver Broncos, and have re-opened the debate of the extent to which the 49ers pursued Manning.

Following Harbaugh's comments, Alex Smith was left to answer questions from the media.

Q: Can you help us understand why Harbaugh brought up the whole Peyton Manning thing?
Smith: No idea. It's a better question for him. For me, it's always been the same story. He's been up-front. It's been the same thing we talked about when I re-signed. He's been up front from the beginning, constantly being in talks with me and negotiating with me and that was never off the table and it was simply a fact that, going to have to compete with somebody, but I earned the right to compete for the job. This was my job to compete for. He was always up front with me through the entire process.
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Q: He said no scenario in which Alex Smith wasn't going to be part of the 49ers. What about for you?
Smith: "From the beginning, that was the scenario. They've were up-front with me. Coach Harbaugh from the day I've been here, has been completely honest, both He and Trent (Baalke), from the beginning. From a month prior with all the Peyton Manning stuff, they were negotiating with me to come back and new contract. When that arised, they were honest. They came over and talked to me. Potentially, compete for the job. That's exactly what they told Peyton. For me, it was always there."

Q: Would you have wanted that scenario. If Peyton Manning were here. .
Smith: "I certainly felt like this was my job to compete for, no question. I felt like we accomplished last year that I deserved that."

Q: Was going to Miami a reaction to the Peyton thing?
Smith: "I think that was more of the, I mean, that's what free agency is. This was my first time through a little bit of it. Obviously, you play that business side. That's something I'm very comfortable with or had done a lot. . . But, yeah, that's part of it. You go around and see the teams and weigh your options. You don't know what those options are until you look at them sometimes. For me, this was always the place. I've always said that, this was always the place. Certain things happen all of a sudden, you play that game a little bit."

Q: Are you surprised we're still talking about this?
Smith: "Yeah, a little bit. A little surprised . . it's the offseason."

Q: Did you know when they went the see Peyton that they were going to do it?
Smith: "I knew they were going to look at him, yes. Through the whole process, I knew they were going to see him and check him out and do the due dilligence, whatever you want to call it."
The Cam Newton thing got a lot of coverage. .
Smith: "It did. . . If there's a good thing that came from all the drama that kind of came of it, hopefully people didn't catch on to the fact that we let out a team secret that around here we don't really care about individual stats. If I can say anything, that's the one good thing. Hopefully, it kind of covered that up."

Eagles claim former 49ers DT off waivers

Eagles claim former 49ers DT off waivers

Taylor Hart is headed back to Philadelphia.

Just two days after the 49ers waived the defensive tackle, the Eagles claimed him on Monday. Philadelphia announced the Hart acquistion in a series of roster moves.

The 49ers originally got Hart when they claimed him off waivers from the Eagles on Sept. 5.

Hart was waived on Saturday when the 49ers promoted running back DuJuan Harris to the active roster.

The Eagles' 2014 fifth-round pick appeared in one game for the 49ers and made two tackles.

Robinson, Lynch questionable for 49ers' next game

Robinson, Lynch questionable for 49ers' next game

SANTA CLARA – Cornerback Rashard Robinson and outside linebacker Aaron Lynch might not be available when the 49ers return after the bye week to play the New Orleans Saints on Nov. 6.

Neither Robinson nor Lynch sustained long-term injury, 49ers coach Chip Kelly said on Monday, a day after they left the game in the third quarter of the 49ers’ 34-17 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Both players underwent MRI examinations on Monday.

Robinson sustained a partially torn MCL in his left knee. The injury will not require surgery, but it is uncertain how long he will be out of action. Lynch sustained a high left ankle sprain. He is also questionable for the 49ers’ next game.

The 49ers players had meetings on Monday before Kelly dismissed the team until next Tuesday.

Defensive lineman Arik Armstead also left Sunday’s game due to an injury in the third quarter. Kelly suggested Armstead’s shoulder condition will not prevent him from being ready to play upon the team’s return to action.