True to Staley's words, 49ers' line doesn't suck


True to Staley's words, 49ers' line doesn't suck

SAN FRANCISCO -- In a hallway at the Holiday Inn in Boardman, Ohio, 49ers left tackle Joe Staley supplied a quote that was bound to be revisited throughout the season."Contrary to what everybody believes, we don't suck," Staley said at a time when the 49ers' offense ranked last in the NFL in total yards.In the two games since Staley's statement, the 49ers' offense -- and, most notably, their offensive line -- has thrived. The 49ers rallied last week from 20-points down to beat the Philadelphia Eagles.And the offensive line led the way Sunday in the 49ers' 48-3 thrashing of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Candlestick Park.For the first time since 2006, the 49ers rushed for more than 200 yards (213, to be exact) while not allowing a sack of quarterback Alex Smith. Running back Frank Gore led the ground game with 125 yards and a touchdown on 20 rushing attempts.So is it any coincidence that Staley expresses confidence in the offensive line and then the offensive line kicks into gear?"I don't think it's a coincidence," Staley said Sunday. "I really believe what I said. I know the guys we have in our locker room. I know the guys that work with me every single day on the practice field, and all the work we're doing. I believe in every single one of those guys. It's exciting to see that come together and we're getting noticed."Right guard Adam Snyder said Staley's quote was not a rallying cry among the linemen.
"I might have looked like that, but no," Snyder said. "We know the guys in that room and the work we put in. It was only a matter of time before everybody else saw it. We got guys in that room that care about the game of football and care about their teammates. You can't ask for anything more than that."The improved line play has coincided with Adam Snyder's insertion into the starting lineup. Snyder replaced Chilo Rachal at halftime of the 49ers' 13-8 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals on Sept. 25.Each of the 49ers' seven active offensive linemen saw action Sunday. Rachal and Alex Boone reported into the game for several plays, with Snyder moving to a wing as a blocker from a position as an eligible receiver.So what's been the difference?"We got a better understanding of the offense," Snyder said.

49ers specialists get drenched in preparations for inclement weather

49ers specialists get drenched in preparations for inclement weather

CHICAGO – The 49ers trained for the expected low-30s temperature and snow at Soldier Field with a week of workouts in the 80-degree heat of Florida.

However, the team’s specialists got some practice handling wet footballs during the 49ers’ final practice in Orlando, Fla.

Special-teams coordinator Derius Swinton and his assistant, Michael Clay, made a game of it. Long-snapper Kyle Nelson had to execute 10 perfect snaps to holder Bradley Pinion for field goals. Then, Pinion moved back to punt formation, where another 10 in a row were required.

But they had to be perfect while Swinton and Clay squirted water on the ball and at the hands of Nelson and Pinion, who also received a blast of water in his ear hole at one point.

“We always look up to see if there’s a chance of rain or snow, and we go, ‘Wet-ball drill,’ ” Nelson said. “They (Swinton and Clay) get to have fun, squirting water on us and use the water bottles.

“They make it as bad as possible.”

Nelson and Pinion teamed up to execute perfectly on all 20 field goals and punts.

“If I can do this, in a game it’s going to be even easier,” Nelson said. “They make it a lot harder in practice than it is in a game, so when we get to a game, everything is not as fast.”

The weather conditions on Sunday against the Chicago Bears will likely challenge Nelson, Pinion and kicker Phil Dawson as much as anyone. Dawson has been tracking the weather forecasts for more than a week to get mentally prepared for what he might face.

“Soldier Field is notorious for being a tough place to kick because of the wind and the field itself,” Dawson said this week on the 49ers Insider Podcast. “The footing is pretty poor. So when you add snow and moisture to the equation, it’s going to be one of those days.

“You need to have conversations with your coaches and let them know – be honest with them – about the difficulty. But you have to do that without it affecting your confidence to go out and get the job done.”

Said Nelson, “It takes more focus in bad weather. The snaps have to be a little more perfect. Bradley has to focus more on catching the ball, and Phil has to concentrate on the approach and be more cautious.”

Mark Helfrich provides insight into Chip Kelly's line of thinking

Mark Helfrich provides insight into Chip Kelly's line of thinking

Mark Helfrich had a strong indication he would be fired as Oregon’s head coach. And he said he told Chip Kelly recently he would have no hard feelings if Kelly left the 49ers to return to coach the Ducks.

Kelly this week said he is not interested in abandoning his job with the 49ers to coach in the college ranks. Helfrich suggested during a radio interview on Friday that Kelly told him the same thing privately.

When it was suggested that Kelly hated to recruit, Helfrich did not disagree.

"That's a fact," Helfrich said in an interview on ESPN Radio's Russillo and Kanell. "I don't know hated recruiting. . . a dislike. A strong dislike. But I think Chip has that challenge in his mind right now to make it right in the NFL.

"I had some of those conversations with him a couple weeks ago when it looked like this was going south. That was a very awkward converation, but (I) just wanted to let him know that to take our personal relationship out of it in every way, shape or form if he wanted to consider this.

"But, me, reading between the lines, I think he wants to make it right in the NFL. I think he wants to win at that level. He's had a rough go of it this year, but he'll get it right."

Kelly compiled a 46-7 record in four seasons in Eugene, Ore. He left after the 2012 season to accept the head-coaching job with the Philadelphia Eagles. Kelly was fired late last season and took the 49ers job two weeks later.

In Kelly’s first season with the 49ers, the club is 1-10. The 49ers are on a franchise-long 10-game losing streak entering Sunday’s game against the Chicago Bears.

Helfrich was 37-16 in his four seasons at Oregon after his promotion from offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. Kelly said he spoke with Helfrich the morning after he was fired.

“I just felt bad for Mark. I love him like a brother,” Kelly said. “He’s a tremendous person. He’s a hell of a football coach, but he’s an even better person. Just felt for him and the rest of the guys on that staff. It’s an unfortunate thing that goes on in this profession. We all know about it when we sign up, but when it happens you’re still taken aback by it.”

Kelly said he hoped his denial of any interest in the Oregon job would end all speculation about his future. When asked if intends to remain with the 49ers, Kelly said on Wednesday, “Yep. So we're all done with that, I hope."