Two energizing minutes with Patrick Willis

November 3, 2012, 3:13 pm
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Patrick Willis prefers to speak through his play on the field. But on Tuesday he conducted 62 interviews over a two-hour period to help promote Duracell's ProCamps scholarships.ProCampsis an organization that runs professional athletes' sportscampsfor children ages 7-14, and the scholarship will provide the tuition and transportation the kids need to attend.Duracell teamed up with Willis, the 49ers' five-time Pro Bowl linebacker, to share his inspiring journey in avideoand encourage fans to trust the power within to achieve their dreams.Here is a transcript of our two-minute chat, which kicked off Willis' two hours of interviews:If you could travel anywhere during the bye week, where would you go?
Willis: "Uh, really, I got my brother coming in (Wednesday) and I'm looking forward to spending some time with him. To spend time with someone in my family is pretty much better than going any place in the world. I don't get to see them as much as I'd love to, so it's better just to hang out with my family. That's plenty enough for me."With a week away from the team and football during the bye week, what will you miss the most?
Willis: "The guys. The guys really make it fun. The guys, the coaches, just being at the facility. It's truly a blessing when you wake up every morning and you can't wait to get to work. It almost feels like -- it's work, in the sense that you have a job to do -- but it's almost like a playground. I don't want to say, 'playground,' but you're just out there with your guys. You compete together, you live together, you meet together. You get tired together, you get energized together. That's what you miss when you get away from there."Are you a baseball fan?
Willis: "I am, yeah, I loved playing baseball more than I love watching it. I watched the World Series, and watched the Giants go through this playoff run. That was pretty exciting."What's the last sport other than football, basketball or baseball that you watched on TV?
Willis: "I don't know . . . I'd say wrestling (laughs)."Like WWE?
Willis: "Yeah WWE (laughs)."Which defensive teammate would you least like to have a collision with?
Willis: "Probably Justin Smith."Have you ever accidentally collided with him?
Willis: "I hit him one time, and he was like, 'Dang, Pat, you hit the heck out of me.' And I said, 'I thought you hit me.' 'No, you hit me.' So we've accidentally hit before when we go to make a tackle."Have you ever accidentally hit Dashon Goldson?
Willis: "No, I haven't. But I stepped on his feet a few times."Patrick, thank you very much for your time.
Willis: "Yes, sir. Thank you." Fans can tweet with theTrustYourPowerhashtag and Duracell will make a 1 commitment to provide disadvantaged youth scholarships to ProCamps.

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