Vernon Davis takes jab at Terrell Owens

October 11, 2012, 12:02 am
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SANTA CLARA -- As a 49ers rookie, Vernon Davis scored a touchdown in an exhibition game at Texas Stadium. He went straight for the Cowboys' star logo and struck a pose.He was paying homage to Terrell Owens."I figured that he played here, so I tried to copy one of his moves," Davis said in August 2006. "I was trying to make them (the crowd) mad, I guess."As for the touchdown, Davis said, "The first of many."Six years later, Davis can look back and understand the mistakes of his past."Since I've here, we really haven't had a selfish guy, besides myself," Davis said on Wednesday.Davis explained."At one point, I was selfish, and I admit it. I was," Davis said. "And that's because I was young and I didn't know. I was trying to find myself, just trying to figure it out. I looked up to guys like Terrell Owens, and other guys in the league. And I thought that this was what it was about. But it wasn't."So I had to change some things. And when I changed, everything started to work out. Everyone started to respect me, the coaches, the players. And I started to put it all together."Davis still credits former 49ers coach Mike Singletary for his attitude adjustment. Coach Jim Harbaugh has emphasized the importance of team and getting everybody involved in his two seasons."Randy (Moss) is not worried about how many catches he's getting," Davis said. "I'm not worried about how many catches I get. As long as we win, I'm having a good day. That's what it's about. It's about winning."When asked if Moss has told him he doesn't care about personal accolades, Davis said, "He didn't, but I can see it in him. I sit right beside him. I see it in him. I see it in him when he's not getting balls."Mike (Crabtree), Frank (Gore), all those guys. And that's what makes this team unique. You become closer to guys when you know they're about the team and not about themselves."