Acquiring Lopez -- & losing Ellis -- seems questionable

February 28, 2012, 10:54 pm
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The Warriors are said to be interested in acquiring NewJersey center Brook Lopez in a multi-team deal that would include Monta Ellis.The New York Post reported there would be other teams in the deal, and, ofcourse, there would have to be other players involved, too.After all, Lopez makes 3.1 million and Ellis makes 11million.Without getting into who all else might be included in thisdeal, lets stick to those two guys: Lopez and Ellis.
Its no secret the Warriors would love to acquire a center,and Lopez qualifies. Hes 7-feet tall and weighs 260 pounds.The problem with Lopez, however, is his skill set doesntnecessarily fit the Warriors even though he is a center. While Lopez canscore some with his back to the basket, he also likes to work in the mid-postarea and facing up.The Warriors already have a player who does that: David Lee.What the Warriors need most on offense, anyway is a low-post scorer capableof drawing a double-team.In time, Lopez could get there, but hes not there yet. Imjust not sure the Warriors would be a better team with Lopez but without Ellis.Not to mention, Lopez is a restricted free agent at the end of the season, soyoure going to have to pay him at least Ellis-type money.The other thing about Lopez that is problematic is hisinability to rebound. Lopez averaged just six rebounds per game last season,while playing 35-plus minutes per game. That is a shockingly low number for aplayer of his size.If anything, the Warriors need additional toughness on theinterior, and thats not something Lopez will give them.Im not saying the Warriors shouldnt be looking atpotential trades involving Ellis or any of his teammates, for that matter Im just saying that Lopez would seem to be a little bit of a curious fit forGolden State.Particularly if it took giving up your best player toacquire him.

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