Basketball-related income a hurdle

October 7, 2011, 11:33 pm
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So much for all that momentum that was supposedly buildingafter the last meeting between the NBA owners and players.At least for the next few minutes ... or hours.Multiple outlets are reporting that the NBA union reachedout to the owners in an effort to meet on Monday, but the owners refused unlessthe union first agreed to a 50-50 split on BRI (Basketball-Related Income).BRI -- and the way it is divided -- is by far the mostsignificant issue between the sides. Currently, players are guaranteed 57percent of all basketball-related income.BRI essentially includes all the money that the NBA brings in.Its been reported the union is willing to come down to 53percent, but hasnt indicated it would go lower. Commissioner David Stern hassaid that if there is no deal by Monday, the league will likely have to cancelthe first two weeks of the regular-season, scheduled to begin on Nov.1.There seemed to be sentiment growing that it was possiblefor the sides to reach some sort of agreement early next week. But this setbackobviously jeopardizes that.Then again, whos to say the league wont change its mindand agree to meet Monday or before then? Or whos to say the players mightagree to meet under that precondition and then not acknowledge it once in theroom?If theres one thing were finding out about this collectivebargaining session, its that the threats, ultimatums, denials, finger-pointingand posturing are going to come in droves and theyre going to come in ahurry.Theres no such thing as progress or momentum or gettingclose. Progress is when its over.

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