Curry out Friday vs. Lakers

January 6, 2012, 12:01 am
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LOS ANGELES -- Warriors guard Stephen Curry sat out ofpractice on Thursday with a sprained right ankle and wont play on Friday nightagainst the Lakers in Los Angeles.At Golden State's workout Thursday, the third-year guard sat out but did not wear a brace or a walking boot. He was able to walk gingerly on the injured ankle. His mood was decidedly more upbeat than in the immediate aftermath of Wednesday's re-injury.
Curry tweaked the ankle for the third time this season inthe third quarter of Wednesdays loss to the San Antonio Spurs. Curry andgeneral manager Larry Riley said the ankle will be re-evaluated on Saturday inthe Bay Area.This one didnt respond as well as I wanted it to today,Curry said. I think were going to get on the phone with all the doctors whohave looked at it in the past obviously Dr. Anderson, who did the surgery inCharlotte (in May) and see if theres some kind of measurable level I have tobe at to play.That could be sooner rather than later. Weve been on thesame page before but now weve got to make sure theres a goal were trying toget to with pain tolerance level or something functional so that we can limitthis happening again.Warriors general manager Larry Riley said the evaluation ofCurrys ankle will take place on Saturday and that a proper course with how toproceed will follow from there.Hes taped, hes wearing a brace, hes got a different shoeand it continues to happen through no fault of anybodys efforts, Rileysaid.Curry has sprained that ankle seven times in the past 15months, and his re-sprain on Wednesday happened when he was trying to push theball upcourt after the Warriors had gained possession.Unlike the time Curry sprained the ankle against the Bulls onDec. 26, when he landed on Kyle Korvers foot, against San Antonio there wasnobody in the vicinity when it rolled.Curry said his ankle was 100 percent before he sprained itin the teams second exhibition game on Dec. 20, against Sacramento, but thatit hasnt been that way since.Curry said his ankle last year wasnt 100 percent, either,but never got bad enough to miss significant time. The injury cost him eightgames a year ago. Curry said he had repetitive tweaks last year but this isdifferent.While Curry isnt officially ruled out for Fridays game, heindicated he likely wouldnt play. At this point, it would seem like a stretchfor Curry to play Saturday night against the Utah Jazz.

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