Curry waits for 'reasonable' offer

August 22, 2012, 7:31 pm
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Warriors point guard Stephen Curry is coming off an injury plagued 2011-12, one in which ankle issues forced him to miss 40 of the teams 66 games. Hes been rehabbing all summer, and it looks as though hell be 100 percent by the start of training camp in early October.Curry, who is entering his fourth season, is also eligible to sign a contract extension with the Warriors up until Oct. 31. Conventional wisdom was that Curry and the Warriors would likely pass on an extension because it really didnt seem to serve either party.After all, Curry probably cant get market value right now because hes coming off injury and there are concerns about the ankle. By the same token, how much sense does it make for the Warriors to lock into Curry for four more seasons after this one if theyre worried about his health?But Curry indicated late last week that he and the Warriors have had dialogue about an extension and that Currys open to agreeing to one. Curry said that knowing that hed stand to make more money next summer, provided he can stay healthy this year.RELATED: Q&A with Stephen Curry, Part I Q&A with Stephen Curry, Part II
Said Curry: If I were the Warriors, Id offer a reasonable amount and sign me up now.The reality is, as much as an extension for Curry doesnt make sense it does make sense in some ways, if you follow. Curry could ensure himself some financial stability and protection by taking a sure thing right now. And the Warriors could get Curry for much cheaper now than they could at the end of a healthy 2012-13.Question is: What is a reasonable amount For Curry?Thats the most important question.Assuming youre looking at a four-year deal, what do you offer him? Is four years, 32 million a reasonable offer for Curry under the circumstances? How about four years, 28 million? Too low, you say how about four years in the 36 million to 40 million range?New Orleans guard Eric Gordon signed a four-year, 60 million deal, and so did Brooklyn center Brook Lopez. That represents the maximum a player in Currys position could receive.Serge Ibaka, the starting power forward for the Oklahoma City Thunder, just signed a four-year, 48 million extension. Obviously, Ibaka and Curry are dissimilar players but those are some numbers being thrown around.Whats likely to impact Currys status are some other point guards seeking extensions, such as Philadelphias Jrue Holiday, Denvers Ty Lawson and Milwaukees Brandon Jennings.It still seems more unlikely than likely that Curry will have a contract extension by Oct. 31. But Curry certainly made it seem possible the other day. Question is Whats a reasonable offer?